Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Me Day

It was lesson day with the girls. Sometimes I ride, sometimes I don't. Today, I did. I saddled up Sheeza, the lovely gray daughter of NCHA world champion Quiote Mac. I've ridden her before...she's way better than I am! Today, for whatever reason, she was feeling her oats; her tail was flagging like one of those nutty Arabian horses (sorry, Mikael!), and she was snorting and breathing fire. I hadn't gone more than one full circle when The Master decided he'd put on his boots.


It's not often that those who are there for lessons have an opportunity to watch The Master at work. The old cowboy who now gimps and limps and talks about the aches and pains suddenly transforms into a most capable athlete. Light, balanced, sheer poetry on horseback. The young woman who'd come along with a friend sat on the wood bench and let a 'Wow...' escape from her mouth. It wasn't long before Sheeza was whipped into shape and I was back in the saddle.


No, no I do not have photos of me on the horse. I was on the horse. Do we need to go over this each time?


Time to put Sheeza away, and Patch comes out to play. And Tika, too!



Someone forgot to turn the water off in the back barn, and the hose was leaking, and water was everywhere inside Tika's stall, which happens to be the lowest point in that barn. I shall not name names as I do not want to incriminate anyone. Or myself. Or anyone else, because it may not have been me. But it was me who cleaned up the mess while Tika ran and played.

Once Tika was put away, I pulled out the other old man, Dox Chex, and let him take a spin around the arena. How old is Dox now? I think 33. Dox likes to jiggy jog all the way from his stall to the arena, and he's not a horse most people want to handle because of it. Nothing wrong with him, except he's always jogged and at this point in his life he doesn't feel the need to change any habits. He nickers all the way down the alley way, talking to the ladies, letting them know that the King of Everything is strutting past. And of course, the ladies all look out their stall doors and swoon at the appropriate time. And Dox is proud. Very, very proud, believing he is the studliest of all studs. Which, of course, he is.




Mikey said...

Wow, he looks great! I love to see these senior citizens looking so good. Liking that gray mare too.

Tracey said...

I'm cracking up...I just came back and see "ME" day? MY. How 'bout MY Day, lol!

Mikey, yeah...he's looking pretty good. Losing a bit of muscle in the back, but considering he's not been under saddle in over 10 years, he's doing well.

Dark in that arena, so good pics are difficult when horses are in motion. They gray mare is quite nice, though!

GunDiva said...

They all look great! Now I really miss my mare.

cdncowgirl said...

I know what you mean about that "wow" seeing an old master get on. I've seen both Ed Wright and Dave Manning ride, they move around like half crippled up old men but MAN can they RIDE!!

Anonymous said...

Dox is a stunner - I can see why the ladies like him! Looks like Tika had a good time while you were cleaning up.

Nice that you got a lesson and to see the Master ride - what a treat!

Dom said...

Love the photo of everyone looking over their shoulders. :)

Candy Lee said...

Nice moves on those horses. Tracey, did you know there is a grey mare in the corrals that looks just like the grey mare on your post?! She is so lovely and calm (0663). I would take her home in an instant if I had my shelter done. Still working on it. Heaven help me if I ever get the shelter finished. I'll literally be going WILD!

eastwitching said...

Awesome shots - you can feel th epower and enrgy of the horse moving - thank you for sharing!

Rising Rainbow said...

aHHmmmm! Nutty?? LOL

Looks like Tika was pretty full of herself as well! That pic is awesome. And the old boy looks to have been feeling his oats as well.

Shirley said...

Two "old Masters" strutting their stuff.... that's a good day, specially when you get to see the Redhead strutting her stuff too. Even if you did have to clean up a mess.