Thursday, February 17, 2011

Choose Me!

They come in all shapes and sizes. All sorts of colors, too! From sweet to sassy, fat or classy. I'm certain you've got room for just one...haven't you?


Red Dun mare gives a little stretch, hoping that doing tricks may get her noticed.


Prehistoric! Cute little gelding will shed out to be a sooty buckskin.


From Palomino Butte, this lovely yearling gelding is looking deep into your eyes...


Two for one deal! Poor gray mare...she looks so uncomfortable.


Yearling filly will have people thinking you're riding a Kiger. She's going to grow up to be something special.


Cute appy from Warm Springs. Like tradition? Look at that tail!


I must admit I'm a little sweet on this mare. I believe she's two...maybe three?


Very nice yearling filly. Good size, pretty head.


Okay, she turned my crank. Nicely put together and a pretty little face.


Two years old. Likely to be overlooked due to her coloring, this little filly was CUTE!


Amber said...

Look at that Red Dun mare's eye! She looks like a model for a mascara ad.

I agree, that buckskin is gorgeous!

Dom said...

Love these photos, especially the first one.

jen said...

I love these!! I love the picture of the palomino. I spend way too much time visiting the BLM by my house. I can hardly wait to bring one home. (But I'm waiting, so that I can be sure my home is a good place...)

Candy Lee said...

Oooo!!! You put the lovely grey mare up there. She does look extremely uncomfortable. Such a sweetheart! I will have to watch for to her have that baby. I will try to send you some pictures of wee-baby. Glad to see you made it back before this infernal weather hit. We have snow again.

Mikey said...

Oh, they all do it for me. I want to take them home and clean them up. Love that gray mare, sigh...

Shirley said...

I wouldn't be surprised to see # 606 show up at your place. Just sayin'.......

Blob said...

I still love that yearling filly, what a pretty girl, and the bay mop at the end.

Do you have any body shots of the mop?

Tracey said...

Oh, you are ALL so hooked already! Yeah! I'll send you paperwork and get those adoptions started :)

Amber, yes! I said the same thing about the eyes on that dun mare!

Thank you, Dom! I had so much fun photographing them. And that red mare was just too cute doing her morning exercises!

Jen, I'm waiting to see what you end up with :)

Candy, Blob would like video of the gray moving. I suspect she'd prefer it AFTER the baby is born. I told her someone (and I didn't name names) would take the baby if she adopted the mare (hint know who you are!)

Mikey, you know I can help you into any one of these models :)

Shirley! You know me so well, lol!

Blob...really? Of COURSE I do!

Blob said...

@Tracey ooooh post them! I know you said she wasn't one you'd pick for me. But I still think she's a darling, cute mop.

@Candy Lee
I'd love to see post-baby pictures of the mare (and of course of the baby too)!

Tracey said...

Blob, you make me work too hard! Okay, more Mop Top up on my facebook album.

cdncowgirl said...

If I were going to take one I'd pic that last one "606" or the yearling filly with the 'pretty head'. Of course I'd have to have someone else do the gentling and training for me... and get her into Canada.
*sigh* it will be awhile before I'm "riding the brand"

Linda said...

I wish I could adopt another Mustang. Maybe someday. They all look as sweet as they can be. It would be tough to choose just one.

Candy Lee said...

Blob... I would be happy to send some pics of the grey mare. She is on the Burns facility page 0663. I have dubber her Cleo -- as in Cleopatra. She has black lined eyes and is just so elegant and regal. I tried for two days straight to get her adopted, but with that heavy belly, nobody wanted to take her home. Maybe after baby is born, someone will get to know her gentle ways. I really hope she doesn't have the baby right now. It is terrible cold again and we are shin deep in snow -- Again!

Crystal said...

Wow there sure were some nice nes there, I like that 606 and the buckskin as well. I definitly agree that grey mare does look uncomfortable too. I sure like all thier furriness, they are too cute!

Merri said...

sigh - don't tempt me!
- The Equestrian Vagabond