Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Want You to See This

I want you to see this.

Do you know who that is up there?

It's Buck Brannaman.

Do you see what that is up there?

It's announcing the official selection

of the documentary done

on Buck Brannaman.

Cool, eh?

Do you see that photo down there?

Down below these words?

That photo was selected to be in the documentary

The documentary on Buck Brannaman

The one that was selected and premiered

At the Sundance Film Festival



I know

I'm cool, too

Or maybe I'm just a lucky goober

Probably the latter


Shirley said...

Yay Tracey! You're published!

Becky said...

Well done! :D

photogchic said...

Your photo?? Cool!

Cheyenne said...

Very impressed at this,Buck Branaman is one of my favourites!

Tracey said...

I'll have to buy, like, 200 copies of the DVD, I think. Or 201.

Jeni said...

Very cool Tracey! Do you know why it was THAT photo? What about it turned them on to it?

Tracey said...

Jen, it was dumb luck and nothing more :) They were looking for different images needed to convey their message, and someone spotted horses coming out of the chute on my blog. Instant fame, lol! At least for 1.5 seconds (unless I can milk it for longer!!!)

Linda said...

I was already excited for this movie--I've been tracking it's progression the whole way--but now I'm even more excited!!! Congratulations!!

Rising Rainbow said...

Very cool, Tracey!

City Boy said...

201 DVD's, really?

Crystal said...

wow how cool! I never even recognized Buck Brannaman in the suit though.

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh oh, Tracey, now you're caught! City Boy is onto you. LOL

jane augenstein said...

Pretty cool, girl!!! You rock!!!

Tracey said...

Yes, City Boy, 201! Or maybe 203. Depends on my mood, and how much money you're willing to loan me :-)

GunDiva said...

I think that is so cool!