Saturday, October 30, 2010

Time to Get Busy

Despite the aching toe, it was time to get busy. I loaded Lefty into the trailer, he turned around and backed into his corner just like that's the way you're supposed to do it. He learns quick, that's for sure. I tied his head alongside the hay bag and swung the divider closed in front of his chest.

"Just remember, I'm leaving for work soon, so no breaking down or getting hurt!", City Boy called to me. I wonder if he was speaking of the truck breaking down, or me?

I hopped into the cab of the truck and off we went.


I was hoping no one would be at the riding club, so that I could simply back up to the big door and unload Lefty straight into the arena. If he bolted, I wanted him to be safe. As I pulled up the driveway I was relieved to find that we had the parking lot to ourselves...that made it easy to back up to the door.

Lefty was nervous when I opened up the trailer doors. He stood there all tense and wide eyed, but since he was facing me I was able to simply stand there and talk to him, convincing him to relax before I opened the divider and untied him. It only took a minute or two for him to soften up, and rather than bolt from the trailer after his ride, he stepped quietly to the edge, stopped and looked around, then exited like a gentleman.


While we were there we played with the big red rubber ball, backed between ground poles and even laid out a couple of barrels and backed between them. I took video. Have I edited said video? No. No, I have not. But I will, and I'll show you! It was nothing short of fabulous for both of us. Bolstered my self esteem as well as Lefty's. He wasn't too sure about all the 'toys' I had out, but he did what was asked and I was so very proud of him.

Meanwhile...down south a bit I've begun riding the half sister to the big red mare I was riding earlier this year. Chica is also a granddaughter of the great Peppy San. She's big, she's black, and she's just a little scared. My kinda girl! The video is my second ride on her. She's only had roughly 7 months of riding her entire life, and this is following a 7 month layup.

Please excuse the fact that the camera seems to be focused in the rafters...

The following day, Chica got scared while I was on her. She struggles when she sees things out of the corner of her eye, and while we were standing in the arena she turned her head and spotted me. Panic city! She bolted forward with lightening speed, me with droopy reins and totally unprepared. But I managed to get my 'breaks' collected and hollered whoa, and she came to a stop. After that, she spooked a couple more times, but I managed to get her back under control each time.

It was good for me. Really, really good, because this is what I've been afraid Tika will do. Of course, Tika's not got the breaks that Chica has, but my confidence level bounced up for the second time that day, and I'm feeling very good about where I'm at mentally. And all it took was a run away horse!

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Jessica said...

Cool video, Tracey! I *think* (yes, I should know this) Lena has Peppy San in her, too.

Working through injuries seems to be the story for this year for me, too.

Heal fast!