Saturday, October 23, 2010


Hello from Oregon!

I'm sitting at the Silver Spur after a long day up on the South Steens with friends McDebbie and Pam, and of course Maggie & Farrel. I was so happy to have remembered my zoomie zoomie lens! That means getting up close to the horses with some beautiful images.

But I forgot I didn't get photoshop reloaded onto my laptop, so you're forced to wait until I'm home to see them. I know! I'm disappointed, too.

You'll be so excited to see some of the shots I've got this time around. And there's a new baby! An old pinto momma and a sweet silver colt at her side. But the sad, sorry fact is that this mare is super thin. So many people share photos of fat, happy horses that many people are frustrated that horses get gathered. Well, here's a mare that we hope survives the winter. Seriously, she is that thin. And if the mare doesn't survive, neither will her colt.

Well, on that note, I suppose I'll sign off for the night. Not sure what we're up to tomorrow...guess we'll find out when it happens!


wilsonc said...

Looking forward to seeing the pics. Sounds like a a bitter sweet experience.

Crystal said...

aww I want to see the pics. Sad about that mare, but unfortunatly thats the way it goes.

Mustang Lady said...

I am too eager to see pics of the "super thin mare"! I guess if you are a QH person, most any other horse will look thin! Seriously, Wild Horses are just like any other Wild animal, they get thin when they get older. I fail to understand why the BLM only has this concern, about the Wild Horses?? What about the antalope or deer, when they are starving? Why don't they ever have a deer or antalope "gather"?!Wild animals need to be left alone!! They'd rather die starving as a FREE animal, then live their life in a "concentration camp" like facility segreagated from their family forever!