Monday, October 18, 2010

Decisions to Make...

...and Soap, Too!


I've been asked by the BLM if I'd like to attend the gather at Warm Springs in a few weeks. If you're deaf or blind, you'll not have noticed the fire the BLM has been under regarding gathering wild horses off the range here recently.

Harmful, wrong, cruel...tearing apart families, injuring foals or worse, killing them during their stampede for freedom as a low flying helicopter sweeps down upon them. Rushing terrified, headlong into traps where they'll be pulled away from their sons and daughters, foals and mares screaming, stallions fighting, broken legs and broken necks. Bodies pulled away while frightened band members watch.

It's not pleasant. Not by any means. I haven't got an answer to the gathers, just know that the horses are there by our hand, and by our hand they must be managed.


I know I've said it before, and you've listened and agreed. It never hurts to open up discussion once again, however. The lands where these horses roam are dry and least the HMA's I'm familiar with in Oregon. Lava rock covers much of the ground. One stumble and a horse pulls up lame, struggling to keep up with his band in the face of danger. Grass is sparse outside of spring and early summer.

Many feel that if cattle were not there, the horses would have a plentiful supply. But how? They'd merely multiply and be faced with the same problem, just ten to twenty years down the line. And in the meantime, what about native wildlife? Deer, elk, antelope...they all deserve a bit of grazing land, don't they?


Solutions are never easy. Far easier to grumble and complain about the way it's being done, pointing the finger at someone else. Why is that?

It's been a couple of years since I've made soap around here, but I'm thinking it's time to put up some Soapy Six Packs for folks. Money earned helps cover costs to see the gather., and then give you a first hand report back. If not enough are sold...well, I guess money helps cover costs of a mustang mouth in my backyard, eh?


If you're interested in a Soapy Six Pack, you can paypal $28 (includes shipping/handling in the US & Canada) to me at


Jeni said...

Soap? Where can one find pictures of said soap? Does it smell good soap?

Tracey said...

Soap has not yet been made, but here's a link to some that's been made in the past, Jeni:

Fragrances such as lavender, Sandalwood Vanilla, Pumpkin and Spiced Apple are in the plans. You'll receive an assortment of whatever comes out of the molds :)

Blob said...

Can I specifically request no lavender and one of something else?

I need to be clean!

In other news, I think it would be good, if you have the funs, for you to go to the gather. There's so much talk about how people aren't allowed at gathers and they're some conspiracy cover up. I think you going could do a lot of good for the BLM, even though they're not by any means a pleasant thing.

But I'll tell you this much, Tracey, your knowledge and experience and your willingness to share with others has made a believer and an advocate out of me. And not just any advocate, a logical, informed one. I've been fighting your battle when and where I can. And it's exhausting even for me, I can only imagine all that you put up with.

But know, that if nothing else, you're doing a lot of good and will continue to do so by sharing your experiences.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

We are not going to the Warm Springs gather but next year we will attend one. Any one who wants to go on a gather, all they need to do is ask. Andi and I had that discussion last week. Hope you get to go.

Crystal said...

I think it would be a great experience to go to a gather, you should go! Im gonna have to check out the soap, our neighbour makes some out of prarie flowers and its awesome!