Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Transformation

Wow! Look how things are changing around here!

City Boy was loaned the use of The Boss's big orange tractor four weeks ago. Since then, things have been changing. A lot! A trench was dug and filled with drain rock in the paddock, road fabric placed over top, and pea gravel over that. Now my paddocks don't hold rain and I'm looking forward to a mudnure free winter!

But why stop there? I've been dying for sand in the round pen. Club Sand sounds so much nicer than Club Dirt, don't you agree? So the other night City Boy ran the big orange tractor around and prepared the ground for yesterday's delivery. A full truck load of sand doesn't go as far as I'd thought (or hoped) it would, but it went far enough to give me a few inches of footing.

Hmmm...looks like someone had to mark their territory already!

Apple Pony watches intently.

Drainage and round pens were not the only thing getting attention this past few weeks. City Boy has also been busy taking down some of the smaller alder trees behind the house, opening it up to some light, creating a new park like area for a fire pit and seating, and then...then...

...in the very back we found some nice little dips and hills, so I asked if we could place some logs and create some natural jumps for the horses. Next thing I know, there are two jumps in place! One (above) with an old telephone pole that Norman the cat enjoyed popping up and down from, and another with two logs stacked on top of each other.

Too bad the rains have returned and we're heading into fall, as the footing is too soft to do much cantering along. That didn't stop Darling from leading Steve Holt! through her new cross country course, though! (Check out her new video)


Breathe said...

Very exciting! I bet Apple Pony can't wait to get out there. :D

Pony Girl said...

She's so talented, what a gift your Darling has! (With ponies and technology!! ;)
Apple Pony is sure a cutie!

Paint Girl said...

I wish we could afford to do something with the mud situation in the pasture! At least in the parts that really matter. Someday...
I almost ordered sand a couple weekends ago for my arena, but figured I better wait until I have a job! My arena is 100' x 60', so imagine how much sand that will take! Hey, quick question, what kind of sand did you order? I know there are many different kinds, and some are better for horses than others. Thanks!
Love what is going on in the back yard! I bet Darling couldn't be any happier, and that Norman! Such a character!