Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pryor Mountain Mustangs

There's been a lot of hype, talk, and squawking of late regarding the Pryor Mt Mustangs. A small, isolated HMA known for their high Spanish blood, this is where Cloud calls home. Whether it was right or wrong to gather the horses, I cannot say. I'm not there, never have been. Haven't got a clue as to the condition of the rangelands.

Some say the horses are fat and healthy, and that there's plenty to eat. Others, Ken McNabb among them, say the ranges are limited in what they can support. So who's right? Who's wrong? I don't know. I do know that I found a lovely blog, thanks to my good friend Lea, called Pryor Wild that documented the entire gather. If you'd like to see everything up close, from helicopters swooping in to Cloud following the Judas horse into the trap, go check it out.

While I was cruising the blog, I found a link to the Pryor Mt Horses website...which in turn led me to a photographer by the name of Pam Nickoles. I've seen her work before; been to her website and admired her work...and admit to just a wee bit of jealousy that she's been to so many different HMA's. But something caught my eye today that I hadn't seen before. It's the story of a Stallion and the Foal...Chaco and Little Medicine. You'd better go read it.



Tracey said...

Oops! Will you look at that? I should have resized it first...blogger obviously didn't. Oh you'll HAVE to go read it in order to see the rest of the photo!

Shirley said...

Thank you for posting all of this. I doesn't look as bad as everyone said it would be. They all look pretty healthy. Glad Cloud was released.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Yes mam, I will do that.

PaintCrazy said...

Wow. Thanks for the link to the stallions fighting - that was amazing. What pure strength and beauty...I've never come close to seeing anything like that.

Sandy said...

Iowned a mustang mare for 21 years, she has been gone for a long time now and I still miss her every day. The trust we had I have never had with another horse....I just found your site. I will be back and I will donate! Thank you so much for this!