Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pop goes the Pony

Well, if you were to watch this, you'd ask yourself "Why on earth does Darling want a different pony to pop over fences with?" We finally pulled out the tape measure to see how high this rail was, and weren't we surprised when it was 24"? Yes, indeed, we were! And look at that little Sandy just bouncing right over it! Sigh...if only he enjoyed it.

Darling and I hauled Steve Holt! over to BB Stables, which is where we're hosting National Wild Horse Adoption Day on Saturday, and she took her second ride on him, the first one in an arena (not counting the couple short, five minute round pen rides she's done.) He worked nicely for her and I pretty much left them alone as I talked with Barb about adoption day, mustangs, and our dream to be able to afford a place like the old Alpaca Farm.

I also told her I needed to find a trainer for Darling so she could start jumping, and out came the calendar and the question, which day? "Really? I'd heard you weren't doing lessons any more, that you'd retired," I said. "Only to a select few," was the reply. Woo Hoo! We're select! So Darling and Steve Holt! will begin their lessons this afternoon. Barb also said she could help us with a lease horse if we needed it, but watching Steve Holt! trot around, she didn't see why we wanted one. She loved his movement and said they'd try a couple of ground poles and maybe a tiny jump to determine if he would make a suitable jumper or not. If all else fails, she's got ponies in the barn that can assist Darling with the whole wings that work issue.

Don't forget that National Wild Horse Adoption Day is coming up! Your chance to win great prizes if you copy the image below and tell people about our event in Bellingham!


PaintCrazy said...

It's all working out!! Yipee!!!

Paint Girl said...

Excellent news!! Hope it all works out for Darling! Will you still get your horse back? :)

Tracey said...

Ha...I will likely never seen my horse again, lol! Except upon occasion. She did tell me I could ride him in a couple of classes at the horse show coming up...English, of course, and I have no English clothes, so I may stick to my little Sandy boy. That's okay, because Darling and Steve Holt! are going to make a wonderful team.

Christa said...

I think that it is great that Darling and SH are gonna work well together. If you need someone to take Sandy for a bit just let me know cause he is always welcome to come visit me :o) I've also posted that image for the National Wild Horse Adoption Days on the Mustang U cause I've started on Facebook :o) Hope you have a great turn out!