Monday, September 14, 2009

Lovely September Weekend

Darling and Sky Bar

Darling and I hit the trails for the first time in months this weekend. Saturday was Steve Holt!'s first ride in weeks. He was a bit fast paced, and of course Darling had decided she was just fine without a saddle...yesireebob it was an interesting ride! But we made it back alive and had enough fun that we went out again on Sunday.

This time I suggested (strongly) that Darling plunk a saddle down onto her trusty steed's back. She wasn't too keen on the idea at first, but in the end? I'm thinking she was a bit thankful. You see, we headed down a hill and through a creek full of boulders (not the way she wanted to go, but I prefer it to the iron bridge.) Steve Holt! crossed it nicely, but Sandy? Well, he decided last minute to play jumping pony. He hesitated at the edge, then boom! He went sailing over the top!

I heard a small yelp behind me and turned to find Sandy and Darling behind me, no reins in my child's hands, but rather Sandy had them around a leg! Seems the unexpected flight pattern caught Darling off guard, threw her forward and somehow the reins went flying (caught on a branch and ripped out of her grip?)

She was shaky and I suggested she climb off and get her reins. Sandy was uncooperative; he wasn't having fun on this ride. Darling struggled to get him to pick up his foot on the narrow trail, and he outright refused, so I climbed off Steve Holt! and we switched places. There are days when Sandy can try one's patience, and this was one of them as he seemed to have that foot firmly attached to the ground. I finally made him see things my way (backing up down the trail wasn't fun), and Darling and I decided to switch horses for a bit.

Sandy was being a twit, there was no doubt. Walking sideways and refusing to step out in front of Steve Holt! to lead the way, but a good set of spurs does come in handy in times like these and again, he saw things my way.

Darling enjoyed the rest of the ride on Steve Holt!, who's laid back, easy going attitude on the trail is hard not to enjoy. Rather than jumping up over rocks and logs, his long legs take nice, long strides and he walks quietly over them. All Darling had to do was sit and smile.


Dusty Devoe said...

I'm so glad she didn't get hurt! sounds like you had a great ride. I've been on acouple myself the last few weeks. The Desertrose is coming in a few days to visit, and we will hit the trails hard!!!

Paint Girl said...

I am so glad you finally got to get out on a couple rides!! Even though Sandy wasn't being so good.
Darling is a brave girl, going out bareback! Although when I was her age I rode bareback all the time. Since I've been an adult, I've only ridden bareback once! Doesn't feel to good on this bum of mine!

Shirley said...

I enjoyed your trail story. I'm boarding at a barn with no trails and I don't have a trailer. So I'm sort of arena bound at the moment. Of course, Echo has never been out on a trail yet and he's getting a little spooky at things lately. He got bit by one of the other horses today right up on his back, my daughter told me. She treated it but it's tender so i won't be putting a saddle on for a little while. I'll be there to check it out tomorrow.

photogchic said...

Cool that you two get to hit the trails together. I always wanted to go out solo when I was a teenager or with the neighbor girls. Never thought about heading out with my mom...nice that you guys can have that.

Tracey said...

Dusty, I'm sure you'll have way over the legal limit of fun with Desertrose!

Yes, Darling has a velcro-butt. City Boy used to say that about me, and she's inherited that gene. My velcro has worn off over the years...I'm left with callouses :)

Photog, she'd love to ride with kids her own age, but there simply are not any around. Poor kid is stuck with me!