Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Lesson

Well, it was exciting, let me tell you! First, here's a tidbit of Barb's bio:

* Rode & studied with General Geagos & Captain de La Garza of SanMiguel de Allende of the Mexican Army. At the time, these were the top horseman in the world. While in Mexico she trained for Dressage, Cross-Country and Stadium Jumping.
* Trained with Pam Arthur from Vancouver, BC for Hunt Seat and Eventing. Pam was a well known jump rider and course designer.
* Trained with Gene Lewis of California for Jumping. Gene has just been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003 USA Equestrian (AHSA).
* Trained with Margaret Cabell Self, a trainer and published author in Dressage.

Needless to say, a lot of background here. She's been teaching kids to jump since I was a tot, and gives them a very solid foundation.

So today we show up with Steve Holt!, and Darling was trotting him and Barb was working on her leg position, then calls her over to where we're sitting and says, "You're going to think I'm blowing smoke up your skirts, but I think you've got a jumper on your hands. He's got a nice, big, loose stride, the kind you see on the big time horses. Look at (insert name of little gray horse) and you'll see how neat and tight she moves. She moves like a hunter, she looks pretty over little fences, but she hasn't got the movement that this boy has. Let's see what he says about a ground pole..."

And off she went for the ground pole. Darling trotted around the arena and came to the pole, which Steve Holt! promptly half halted for with a "Hey, where'd that come from?" expression on his face before he stepped over. Barb giggled and said it was good that he noticed, and great that he continued on.

And with that, Darling went back to the rail, Barb asked if she could canter him and she said sure, and off they went. And as Barb turned her attention to another girl at the near end of the arena, my gaze went to the far end where Steve Holt! and Darling were crashing to the ground!!!! :o He'd hit a slick spot and his back end just slid on out, and down they came.

Darling was standing there bewildered as she couldn't walk, Steve Holt! stood at the fence wondering what had just happened. Both were covered with dirt. I jogged down and Darling put her arm over my shoulder, said she couldn't put weight on her leg. I asked her to wiggle her toes, and she could. We tried to walk with her hanging on me but it didn't work out so well, so she gingerly put it down and limped a couple of steps. And then a bit more weight, and she was sore but before we got to the center of the arena she was walking it off. Then back into the saddle she went, no more cantering but some trotting both directions to gain some confidence back.

"You're a tough kid! That's good, I like that. Makes a good jumper!" said Barb with a smile.

A bag of ice on the knee and things all seem to be getting better around here. Thankfully, no serious injuries!


PaintCrazy said...

I love watching Darling and Steve Holt! almost as much as I do my own kid and her horse. What an amazing lesson! You both have to be so excited about the potential in that horse - but you knew it was there all along.

FYI - I've had two kids be able to move their fingers, rotate their wrists and not even be in all that much pain yet they had broken wrists. I got the bad mommy award at the doctor's office when I finally took them in 2 days later...

jane augenstein said...

Tracey, glad that Darling is OK, but I think you have lost Steve Holt! to the jumping circuit!!! He could become another Nautical (horse with the flying tail) he started out as a cow horse and turned into a world class jumper!

Paint Girl said...

Oh no! I am so glad Darling wasn't seriously hurt!
Love the video, SH sure does know how to move! He has such a long stride and moves out very well!

Angela said...


Tell Darling WAY TO GO!!!!!!!! She looks great on that loose limbed long striding Steve Holt! I agree with Paint Girl, nice stride and overreach there....

Jeanette said...

hehehe...I agree! I have thought that Steve Holt looked very hunter/sport horsey too. What a fine ambassidor for the Mustang breed! Darling looks quite at home on board too. Nice video!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

She will learn to fly with Barb.

Shirley said...

Soooo, Tracey, who's your next horse going to be? Looks like Steve Holt! is on his way to the show jumping pen someday; what a beautiful floating trot he has!