Sunday, September 6, 2009

80 acres and a Tiny Little House

It doesn't look like much. Just a tiny little mobile...and a bit on the older side at that...but it's been updated a bit inside with new counter tops and fresh paint. There was this tiny little laundry room/mud porch that has been added onto the backside, and up front another covered porch where you could plunker down a couple of chairs and look out across your front yard to where antelope play in the fields across the road.

The perimeter of the yard is fenced in this most adorable wooden fence. The skies are blue out yonder, and the evening sun still warm on our skin as we walked about the vacated property. Grasshoppers flitted and flew about as we crossed the backyard and walked out towards the driveway.

The land was flat and we could see well beyond the property line out into the sage. The 80 acres has been well maintained, the former owner growing his own hay while still grazing his cattle; totally self least where forage is concerned...what would that feel like, do you suppose? Not having to worry about finding hay to put into the barn?

I needed to remind Darling that despite there being enough grass and hay to feed our horses, we'd still need the tractor and equipment to get the haying done, which promptly put a damper on our dreams. But for that half hour we walked about that sweet little spread, it was sheer heaven.


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Shirley said...

Are you thinking about buying it? You can always share-crop the hay or pay someone to put it up for you.

Tracey said...

Oh, I'm always thinking about buying land in Harney County...but what would we do for a living there? Not many jobs, and poor City Boy is already lamenting on how my plans for his retirement seem to be sending him to the desert...where there are very few boats!

Paint Girl said...

Love the place! Cute little home, great pastures!

Angie at Free Rein said...

Oh why oh why does real life (jobs) always have to put a damper on our dreams? Having the same delimma here...been trying to get to Wyoming for 10 years. It will happen one day, but I was really hoping it would be BEFORE retirement!

Angie at Free Rein said...

dilemma...I should proof read!