Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What's That Smell?

I've got a call in to my vet. It's been awhile and he hasn't called back...I hate that. Not an emergency, though. At least I hope not.

While out with Firecracker this weekend I could smell something. It stinks. To me, it smells a bit like thrush, or at least along those lines. I'm a bit concerned about a possible infection after she aborted her foal. Nothing else seems wrong; she's eating, drinking, pooping...all the good stuff. And the smell isn't always there, just now and then I get a whiff of it.

In the meantime, while waiting for the call, I went out and played with her some more. She'll easily eat grain from the pan while I'm holding it. I was also able to brush her all the way back down to her stifle and down the front legs; even picked up a foot! She stands with her ears back for the most part. Not pinned back, just a cautious, watchful kind of back where she's paying attention to what I'm doing. She's more comfortable with me on her left than right, but stands quietly pretty reliably on both. I'm pretty confident that Darling will be able to work with her this weekend.

I've added black oil sunflower seeds to their diets. BOSS is what it's called. I'd not heard of doing that until recently when I'd asked folks at the mustang forum about a dry skin issue. The dryness hasn't really subsided, but I'll tell you what, Jet's black is nearly blue! I'm anxious enough as it is to see summer come back, but now more so than ever so I can see how her coat looks when it's short and sleek.


Rising Rainbow said...

Trace, Check to see if she has a discharge that is gross in color. After foaling full term mares will have a discharge from time to time that looks like the normal you'd see after childbirth - you know the coloration, as they clean out. If the color gets away from that, and looks thicker, it will have a pungent odor too. That is an infection. I would think it wouldn't be any different after an abortion like that. The uterus still has to clean itself out so I would expect some of the normal discharge and there is always the possibility of infection.

Hopefully, she's ok because my guess is having to treat an infection would set you back in your trust training with her. I will keep my fingers crossed that nothing's wrong and if it something is going on it's less intrusive than a uterine infection would be.

Tracey said...

Thanks MiKael. I talked to my vet last night and he was pretty sure she was okay, saying retained placenta would leave me with a pretty sick mare at this point. The smell isn't strong, it's faint and I only get a whiff now and then. It doesn't appear to be related to the discharge, which I've noticed only once (looked just like any mare in season...nothing out of the ordinary.)

Anyway, still bright eyed, eating, drinking, pooping... I'm going to get some pour on form of penicillin tomorrow to add to her grain so that at least we've got it covered if there is any problem. Don't like to medicate if I don't have to, but there's really no way of knowing in this case =)

Rising Rainbow said...

Well, I have had an infected mare and I think that you would notice the difference in the discharge. It would be continuous enough that you would see it there most of the time and the smell is bad. wrinkle your nose up bad.