Monday, December 10, 2007

Poor Jet, So Neglected!

Jet has been terribly neglected. Always sensitive and light, making her super easy to handle, she's decided that since no one is messing with her, she shouldn't need to stand still for halters to be put on.

Not so, Miss Jet! After a couple of days being brought out to the bottom pasture (the top field is still missing a chunk of fence), she's decided that the halter is a good thing. Without the halter, we don't get to go out and play. Leading back and forth from the pasture to the barn is all the training she's gotten of late, but that's going to have to change. My friend Curt said he'd be willing to start giving me lessons after the first of the year, so I'll have to start climbing back up onto my tall girl and get some walking and trotting done on her so that our lesson can at least involve more than how to gracefully mount a 16 hand horse.

While Jet goes out to play, Firecracker works. In the past three days she's made big steps. Friday's success led to an easier time stepping into her personal space on Saturday. We didn't need to work so many circles before she stood, trembling just a bit, and let me rub her shoulder's and neck. I don't do it for long, just a few minutes, then I leave to get her some hay or a bit of alfalfa pellets. Keeping it light and positive is the plan.

Yesterday, Sunday, it was late before I got out there to work with her. Daylight was fading, Jet was still in her paddock alongside Firecracker. Jet nickered, knowing it was feeding time. I walked up and played with her lips a bit, then began to work my way towards Firecracker; it's always positive when a wild horse can see one of it's buddies allowing you to touch them. I didn't pick up the lead, just let her stand. She wasn't welcoming me, but she also wasn't leaving. She stood still, letting my hand move up and down her neck, under her mane and along her freezebrand. She appeared to enjoy, at least momentarily, the feel of my fingers on the bottom side of her neck.

Darling has nearly two weeks left of school before Christmas break. By then I think Firecracker will be ready for her to come out and lead her a bit, and hopefully do a bit of brushing.

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Rising Rainbow said...

Isn't it funny how they can feel neglected. Especially after starting out so wild. That's pretty cool.

At my age there is no graceful way to get onto a 16h horse, well, maybe one, a mounting block. But that's not always an option.