Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Fresh Start

Just over a month ago I went down to check out a mustang a few hours to the south of us. He'd been making the rounds and at the age of 4 had had a pretty rough life. Part of a 30 horse seizure, he'd been placed in the care of a family who's teen aged daughter was going to work with him.

For whatever reason, she wasn't able to do anything with him. His story was that he'd been ridden before Animal Control had taken him from his neglectful former home, but this gal couldn't catch him, let alone saddle him up. So, she passed him off to another friend who wanted to give it a try.

To get a halter on him, he needed to be roped. Once they had him haltered, he led nicely enough, but it took two hours to get him into the trailer. At him new home, he had the halter rubbed off within a week and was once again feeling free as a bird and about as easy to catch. His new owner was tiny, and he was tall. He took advantage of that fact and while she had him as friendly as could be, once the halter was spotted he was off and running. As she was headed to college, his young owner realized that if she hadn't been able to move forward in the few months of summer, she wouldn't be able to get anywhere during the winter when she was busy with school, work, and lousy weather, so she decided to give him up.

We had no clue how he'd be to lead across the yard and load up yesterday. But he was a gentleman. A real gentleman. In November, Steve and I had been down to help her get a halter on him, but he'd managed to rub it halfway off, so it was only over one ear when we got there. He wouldn't allow us to touch his face, and we didn't feel a fight was in something we wanted out there in the mud just before trying to load, so we led him out into the yard as he was, holding our breath and saying silent prayers that he'd not be upset about leaving his herdmates.

We needn't have worried. He followed Steve right out to the trailer, took a look inside and decided a ride may be a nice thing. He loaded right up without so much as a blip on the radar.

He's thin, his feet are over due, and he's got a mild case of rain rot, but he seems like a nice, laid back boy. The dogs didn't bother him when he got here, and the lamb jumped right into the trailer with him without him being upset or spooked. So he's getting a fresh start. Some much needed groceries will go a long way, I'm sure. I'll keep you updated on his progress. Hopefully we can find him a good home soon!


jules said...

Aw the poor skinny boy! He has very pretty colouring though, he'll look lovely when he's filled out with a bit of shine on him ... and he seems to have nice soft eyes? Has he got a name? Has he met "the girls" yet?

Molly said...

Nice big Bear of a horse. He'll be lovely by Spring. I love all the personalities you write about in your herd.

Tracey said...

He came with a name, but I don't really like it. Alladin...sounds like an Arab name, don't you think?

I've got someone interested in taking him; they're coming this weekend to look at him. They're experienced with horses and one does volunteer work with Hope For Horses, a rescue.

Rising Rainbow said...

Poor guy, I hate to hear about horses who have been passed around. I'm glad that you have him and can maybe get him on the right track.