Sunday, July 1, 2007

Extreme Mustang Makeover

Jet is coming along nicely enough considering the lack of time I've spent with her. Between the non-stop northwest rains and putting up new fences, not to mention my late in the year lambing, I've not done much with her. However, I just came inside from spending a few moments hanging on her, running my hand down her front legs, and scratching her neck. She loves having her neck scratched right there at the crest where her mane grows out, and while scratching there she allows me also to scratch back on her hip. She's just a bit over sensitive to touch, so leaning up against her side today while scratching was a stretch for her. But she's just so danged sweet that her biggest protest is to lift her head up and back away from whatever is bothering her. Not a determined back, just enough to let you know she's not entirely comfortable with the situation.

I've been checking out a few of the Extreme Mustang Makeover websites. These folks have gotten their horses shortly after I brought Jet home, so it'll be interesting to see how they progress as I work with her. Of course, their horses are three and four year olds, and Jet is only two, so saddle work isn't a big issue for me like it will be for them. Here's one of the contestants for you to check out: Otter B Good. I'll try to post a new one every so often so you can see what's going on out there in the mustang world. This is something I'd like to give a try at some point...quite the challenge, though!

Today, Darling and I are headed to a clinic with Ruben Villasenor, of Horsemen's Western Dressage. We missed the first day because I had the Farmer's Market, but hopefully we'll be able to glean a bit today.


Rising Rainbow said...

That sounds like an interesting competition. I had no idea there was such an extensive network of mustang advocates out there but it's beginning to look to me like there is.

Sounds to me like Jet wants the benefits of being your friend without giving up any of her sense of control.Now doesn't that just sound like a woman? LOL

Tracey said...

A very interesting competition to be certain! 100 days isn't long, but some of the horses have already been saddled up. Others aren't quite ready to accept that just yet. I think it would be hard to be one of the trainers, as you'd be wanting to see where you were compared to others, but you'd have to have the self control not to rush your horse. And yes, there's a huge network in the wild horse world.

Jet...not nearly so 'womanly' as Sunny, lol! Now there's a girl who wants her independence!

photogchic said...

Jet is really filling out and she looks so shiny. I have seen Ruben a few times. He is an amazing horseman, but he needs to work on his "presentation." He had a really hard time putting into words how he works towards getting flying lead changes at the NW Horse Expo.

By the way...Mustang Makeover would be great show for RFD--you should start videotaping your progress...just a thought:-)

Tracey said...

Photogchic, I agree with you about Ruben. I think he's really new to the clinic format and there are weak spots. But overall, he's a good horseman and I enjoyed him.

Speaking of RFD, Ruben had wanted to take on one of the mustangs and have a series of articles done by Living Legends, but then the mag fizzled out and things just didn't click. I think he was looking for funding as well. I was thinking he ought to go bigger than some little mag that only caters to the wild horse world (we already love our horses!) and look for sponsors who'll help him get noticed on Discovery or RFD... Golly, what I wouldn't give for some recognition like that! But I'm not set up for it here. No covered arena to protect me from this lovely northwest weather :)

Thanks for the compliment on Jet. It's amazing what a little brushing will do! She was carrying a good amount of weight, but was buried in dust from that high desert she came from.