Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunny Makes a Choice

Sunny let's me reach over her neck and put on her halter.

When I put Sunny into the paddock last week, I took her halter off from her figuring it was a small area and I'd likely be able to get it back on. If nothing else, I could toss the lariat over her head, and to be honest I figured that's what I'd have to do the first couple of times. I was delighted on Friday, however, she she allowed me to rub her neck and then slip the halter on without much of a fuss.

She was such a good girl that I decided she needed to go on a little field trip around the yard with me. City Boy was going to mow, so I brought Sunny along and let her graze as I picked up things like the hose, a lawn game and a few golf balls. She didn't mind when they were drug, tossed and carried, so I decided to take things a step farther and have her help me feed the pig.

It's been several weeks since Pig was moved into the trees to do some clearing of the underbrush, so Sunny hasn't seen her for quite some time. Not only did she have to navigate the under brush, she had to stand near a squealing pig while I fed and watered. Although not completely sure this was the smartest thing to do, she was a very good girl and followed my lead.

With her doing so well, I decided to kick things up a notch. We walked back to the creek, and while it's nothing more than a trickle, Sunny didn't bat an eye as I walked her across it. We then walked through the neighbor's field and out to the road where the recently painted stripes startled her. But since they didn't reach up to bite, she bravely strode forward, head lifted high and nostrils flared to capture every new scent that was coming her way. We then turned into another neighbor's driveway where I led her into the pasture where my sheep are spending the summer. Here, I allowed her to graze contentedly for the next half hour. She was one happy girl to get out there with all that grass, and I was pleased as punch at how well she negotiated so many new experiences.

Fastening the halter; she's still not so sure it's a good idea, but stands for it just the same!


Katee said...

This sounds like a great day! It sounds exciting for her to have met all of these scary things and survived in one horse-y piece. I think that is such a confidence builder when you can have days like this. I bet she was walking just a little taller on the way home! katee

smilnsigh said...

This is a sweet story about Sunny.

And I am so *jealous* of your curly hair. -oh sigh- And bet you haven't always been happy to have it, yourself.

Mmmm... I take it, that IS you.


Tracey said...

LOL, MN! Now how'd you know I haven't been happy with my curls? Even in these pics, I'm not happy with them...

Katee, I don't know if Sunny was walking taller, but I know I was!

Rising Rainbow said...

Great day! Don't ya love it when it goes that well.

photogchic said...

Very cool Tracey--Give yourself a big pat on the back. She must really trust you. Nice photos of you doing your thing. I hate my curls too, but I made my peace with them a couple months ago and stopped straightening my hair--I get more compliments now, but I like my hair better straight.