Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just foolin' around!

Darling and I drove to Arlington today to watch a bit of a reining show. We took tons of pictures, but this is by far my favorite :) Actually, this poor horse had his mouth wide open far too much while his owner was out warming him up. Too much bit, too heavy a hand. Sad, really. He looks like a carousel horse in both Darling's and my photos.

Sunny and I had a good day. Early this morning I went out and put the blanket on her back with minimal fuss. Picked up the saddle and, although she watched a bit nervously, she allowed me to set it up onto her back without jumping away. I had her take a few steps, then crossed over to her right side and put the stirrup down. Remember, her right side is her weak side, and the sight of the saddle going over her back gave her the heebie jeebies without the stirrup. But this morning she allowed me to bring it down and then once more followed me around the paddock.

Tonight I went out and she didn't even step away when I went to catch her! That is an all time first. Probably won't hold true again tomorrow, but I was happy enough about tonight. I led her through the trees and down the road where I let her graze while I sat in the grass watching baby grasshoppers. All in all, a very good day. She even let me stroke her muzzle without objection.

MiKael, hope you had a terrific open house today!


EquineSpirit said...

I am LOVING your blog! Way cool!!

Rising Rainbow said...

That's some effect on that photo. How did you do that?

Feel sorry for the horse.

Glad to hear that Sunny is coming along.

The open house was fun but sooooo much work. I'm dead! Have begun to post about it. You know windy me, will take a number of posts to share all the details. lol Thanks for the mention!