Saturday, July 28, 2007

Up, Up, and Away!

Darling cinches up the girth

With my working on Sunny and Jet, Darling once again began thinking of mounting her filly, Quiet Storm. She hasn't been on her since the first time, which was when? About a month ago? So out into the pasture she went to fetch up her horse.

Typically, Quiet Storm is pretty laid back. Actually, laid back might be just a little on the excited side for this girl...she's got the energy level of a door stop more often than not. Which means I haven't got to worry too much about Darling, who's just 13, working around a two year old. She can bring her in, tie her up, groom her and saddle her up without my intervention. However, when she hollered over to me, "I suppose you won't let me get on without being here?", my answer was something like, "You bet yer sweet patootie I need to be there!" After all, a two year old with a second ever mounting? Doesn't matter how laid back they are, mom is going to be there. Mosty because y'all said you wanted pictures next time!

So I came over and noted that as Darling was leading Quiet Storm around before mounting she appeared a little lighter on her feet than usual. Darling agreed, but the filly was still far more sensible than most. Which is why it took both of us by complete surprise when she began bucking as Darling tried swinging her leg over top of the saddle. I grabbed the reins (actually the lead rope) and told Darling to get off, but of course it took a couple of jumps before Darling's feet both hit the ground.

A bit shaken, I decided that Quiet Storm should do a bit of ground work right then and there. Darling climbed the fence rail and took over the camera. A couple of circles and we were back in action.

Quiet Storm practices her merry go round look

I climbed on first, just to be sure she wasn't going to do anything stupid. I didn't want to; I'd hoped Darling would be able to do most of this on her own. But reality is as reality does...or something like that. I'd rather not have my kid get scared this early in the process. I got on, tried to get her to take a few steps, then dismounted. Forward motion isn't Quiet Storm's forte for the most part, and obviously that little buck was a fluke. Still, I was concerned that Darling would be nervous.

Turns out I needn't have worried, as Darling was eager to jump back into the saddle. The filly stood there like an old broke plow horse once again. We've no idea what set her off the first time. Perhaps seeing that the pig had been moved from the trees to alongside the paddock? Maybe. Whatever it was, it wasn't a problem any longer. Darling was in the saddle, Quiet Storm was quiet once more, and I got a picture for the scrapbook.

Second ride; Darling on Quiet Storm


Rising Rainbow said...

I'll bet the old adrenaline was pumping there for a few moments. Don't ya hate that?

Glad it all worked out so well, and Darlin didn't get scared or Quiet Storm for that matter.

What a great day!!

Lady Of Chaos said...

Awww She was just being spunky, feeling good. Glad it was only one bucking session though.

I bet it didn't phase Darling at all. :)

Tracey said...

MiKael, yes, I do hate that! LOL...

And no, Rachelle, it didn't seem to phase her in the least. Of course, she didn't actually get bucked off; when that happens it may be an entirely different story. Not to mention, getting tossed off Storm is like falling out a first story window; you're only four feet from the ground :)

EquineSpirit said...

Great post! Glad to hear things turned out alright and she didn't buck anymore for your daughter. At that age I probably would have been a little frazzled. Good job raising such a brave girl!!