Monday, July 2, 2007

Mount your horses, please!


I came home inspired to ride after seeing Ruben this weekend. Of course, I've got a pasture full of two year olds, so no riding for me. However, Quiet Storm was certainly in need of some additional ground work, so I picked on her.

Now that Jet and Sunny can go out into the pasture, I can bring Quiet Storm into the paddock for some training sessions, and saddling is one of those lessons that needs learning. She'd had the saddle sitting on her back before, but never tightened up. Darling and I saddled her up for the first time on Thursday, tight girth and all, and she behaved herself beautifully.

So now that I was inspired, I went outside and began asking her to flex and give, pivot on the front and back, and back up. She was pretty darned good at it; she keeps her hind end planted when pivoting on the hindquarters and crosses over nicely with her front legs.

And since she did it so well so quickly, there wasn't much else to do, so I grabbed the saddle. About this time Darling came out of the house and wondered (for the bazillionth time) when she'd finally be able to ride her horse.

Now, as I said, Quiet Storm is just two. Darling knows that it'll be at least a year before much light riding happens, but I did tell her she'd be able to mount up later this summer and perhaps take a walk around the paddock or field. However, when I answered her question with, "As soon as you get your helmet on," she was just a wee bit surprised!

Which means we've entered a new phase of training here. Darling is learning now how to make Quiet Storm move and respond from the ground so that when she mounts up and really begins to ride, the horse will know what's expected. In the meantime, an occasional trip around the paddock will fill her need to get on her horse as well as start a foundation of trust in Quiet Storm.

I love you, too!
Of course...I'm still without a steed to fulfill my desires to ride...


Molly said...

Quiet Storm looks ready, but like Bella, still needs a bit of growing time. Thanks for writing about the ground work. I really need to get going on that too.

smilnsigh said...

Ohhhhhhhhh I love this last picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tracey said...

Mari-Nanci, I love that last one, too! If that horse could snuggle in bed, there'd be no doubt that's where Darling would be sneaking her at night :)

Molly, ground work can get so boring for us, can't it? I've managed to send plenty of folks into a panic when I've told them that Darling has mounted, as they get the impression that we're out to start heavy training :)

I wish I had something to ride so I could take Quiet Storm out ponying. She's pretty quick at picking up things in terms of ground work, and I'm not one to pound a lesson in if the horse gets it. Which leaves our training sessions pretty short.

Rising Rainbow said...

Me too, ground work is the order of the day. Once I get past my open house, I'm on to lots and lots of ground work.

You do some of the same things I do. I work really hard to be sure by the time I get on I have good steering and great breaks.