Monday, July 23, 2007

Extreme Mustang Makeover

My list to the right there is growing! I've only included trainer's who've got sites that are showing progress so that we can all follow along. I enjoy following along, don't you? Well, you must be a glutton for that, or you wouldn't be here, lol!

There's a slight break in the weather at the moment, so perhaps outside is where I belong, instead of sitting in here complaining about the rain to whom ever will listen.

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Rising Rainbow said...

I'm sick of this weather, that's all there is to that. Wish I could say I've made the best of my time indoors but haven't. Still have lots of paperwork to catch up on and then there's that letter to Laube Clippers I could have been writing. But I just need some time in the good ole outdoors with my ponies to clear my head.