Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stolen Horses

This came through on a mustang horse list:

I have 2 chestnut horses missing/stolen (1 BLM).

They were delivered to the trainer (Paul Heape) May 5th in Gridley KS, and I have not seen them since. No I did not owe him money. Neither the horses nor the trainer can be found. The trainer may be wanted in OK and KS.

Pictures are on the web site but I have a couple others of Christmas Fire and a drawing of her freeze mark. I just want my baby back. Please forward this email along.

The description of the horses are as follows:

Christmas Fire (my baby) 8 yr old chestnut mustang mare with freeze mark (99212485) on left side of neck under mane. Thin strip or blaze on face, snip on nose. LF stocking, Right rear pastern. Has been haltered, lead, tied, saddled/bridled but only ridden a couple times and is very hard to catch unless she is in a small area. This mare is a titled BLM mustang from the government. (the man in the photo is NOT the trainer)

Odie ( a recent purchase which is why I have only a couple photo's of him) 15+ old chestnut Quarter horse gelding. 2 hind socks and wide blaze.



A.C. said...
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Angela said...

Please be advised that these horses are NOT considered "STOLEN" by Stolen Horse International, aka This is a CIVIL case because there was a contractual agreement between the parties. We are working with law enforcement in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma in an effort to locate the trainer and find the horses. We appreciate any leads or efforts in this case.

Angela Kirby
NetPosse Exec. Coordinator

Rising Rainbow said...

This looks like it's complicated. Glad it's not something I'm in the middle of, my life is already complicated enough.

Tracey said...

Well, contract or not, the horses are missing and the owner doesn't know where they're at. In my book, that's stolen, even if in some other legal term it isn't.

But more importantly, getting the word out will help bring them back, no matter what term you want to use to describe the situation :)