Thursday, June 7, 2007

Somethings different...

So, Steve...notice anything here?
Jet is curious about the camera
I'm really enjoying Jet. Where Sunny is super sensitive and preferring not to be handled, and Quiet Storm is not the least sensitive and has no personal space; Jet is the perfect blend. She's curious and enjoys being scratched, but she's not obnoxious. She's not flighty, not frightened of the dogs or things that bump her head (she's tall and tree branches are constantly getting between her ears.)

Darling and Jet share a moment

This afternoon the dogs decided to dig a hole. They got all busy just outside of Jet's paddock, and Jet had to go check it out. She lowered her head only to find herself the target for dirt and mud clumps being flung by Tait and Rufus. Aside from a couple of flinches, it didn't faze her. She's unbelievably good natured.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...

Jet's been so easy that we took her rope off. She's still wearing the halter for now, but I suspect that'll change within a few days. If she weren't so tall, I'd take it off now, but I don't know if she'll keep her head low enough for me to get it over her ears or not just yet.

Now, did anyone notice the change in that picture of Sunny? She's wearing her new halter! Yup, I got the one she came home with from Steve's off today, and the new one on. In fact, I even left her without the lead rope tonight, so no dragging it along. Hopefully, that let's her face feel a bit more comfortable and free. Poor girl, it's been rubbing on her for months now. This new one is a better fit, and while it was off I rubbed her all over. She actually seemed to enjoy it!


Molly said...

Sunny looks stunning in her new blue halter. Good job.

Rising Rainbow said...

Looked like a new halter to me. Definitely a good color for her.