Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Just like people, some horses are more photogenic than others.

While folks see Jet's picture and comment on how pretty she is, I think they're just seeing the color. In person, she's okay. On camera? Not so okay. I don't know; she just doesn't do it for me.

Sunny, too. Cute little horse, but hard to get a really great shot of her.

Quiet Storm is fun to photograph. She's always willing to put on a show of some sort, and it always amazes me when the pictures actually turn out!

But the horse who far and away is my favorite for portraits is Regalo. There's just something terribly romantic about the way this horse looks into the camera.

Regalo was adopted in 2004 by my friend Cheryle (who's last name I will not butcher in an attempt to spell it here.) She'd seen him at a 2003 adoption but was unable to take him at that time. She was thrilled beyond belief when she found him again a year later!


photogchic said...

I like Quiet Storm...she almost looks a Takh, a wild Mongolian Horse. She is just stunning.

Tracey said...

Thanks photogchic! The Transyvanian Horseman hasn't been here in awhile, but he thought she looked like a breed they had there.

Clickoncowboy said...

I like your pictures. You have a good eye. I'm not much of a picture taker, myself.

How about some pictures of you and your family with the horses?

Tracey said...

Ha! The only ones who enjoy the horses are Darling and I, I'm afraid. I did post a pic of Darling with Sunny not long ago. You'll just have to go with the little avatar for a pic of me :)

Rising Rainbow said...

It's the hair. For some reason those horses with all that wispy hair over their eyes etc have an appealing look.

And for the other it's the action. I think horse pictures always have more to offer when the horse is actually doing something instead of just standing there. It gives us more of a glimpse into their personalities maybe. All I know is most of the major professional horse photographers would much rather have their subjects doing something. They sell way more pics that way.

smilnsigh said...

I'd say that the way Regalo looks into the camera, is down-right sexy!

But I still love all your babies. So there! :-)


Clickoncowboy said...

I may be just a dumb old cowboy, but what's an avatar? I once had my picture taken with my horse, but just as the photographer snapped the picture the horse stepped in front of me. It took that as a hint to stay out of pictures.