Monday, June 4, 2007

Home from the adoption

Thank you so much, Rachelle, for coming here (and to Carpenter Creek) and letting folks know I'd forgotten my laptop! You're a sweetheart, and it was great to finally meet you!

I've yet to sort throughy my photographs, so instead of offering you dinner, then dessert, I'm going to jump straight to dessert. You don't mind, do you? I'm sure this will come to you as a huge shock, but I've adopted another mustang. I tried to remain strong, I really did. But I need a nice, easy going horse that's also big enough for City Boy, not to mention myselt, to ride.

Darling wasted no time, no time at all, scouring the herd for suitable mounts. There were several appys there, most in the form of roans. She liked a cute little bay with a snowflake pattern two year old gelding, as well as a couple other bay geldings. They held her favor until Saturday afternoon, when she began to take notice of a couple of the mares. Good thing, too, as City Boy doesn't really like appys that well, and I do believe he said something like "Don't bring home any more than you leave with" before we left. So bringing home something we know he doesn't like isn't going to go over well.

On the mare side there was a tall black, a pretty roan, and a sorrel. The sorrel was three and quite lanky, reminding me of an old style running quarter horse. Nothing flashy, but nice. The roan was heavier, a two year old with a very pretty eye. The black was, in my book, rather average. Another two year old, she was the tallest of the mares; I believe she's just over 15 hands. All three of them were staying out of trouble in their pens; none was a bully but none were cowering in fear, either.

After spending a great deal of time with the mares on Saturday afternoon and into the evening, Darling decided the black was her favorite. The filly had been eating out of her hand at the fence, and I'd even reached in at one point and scratched her neck. Unlike last year, when we were outbid on our first two attempts at getting a horse, this adoption was slow when it came to the fillies and mares, and there was no competition. It seemed we were the only ones who wanted this girl.

Gary gets a halter on our new filly.

We've dubbed her Jet. After a bit of hopping around after loading, she settled down in the trailer and it was smooth ride home. Once out of the trailer here, she settled right into her surroundings, curious about the cat and dogs, and again coming up to Darling while she was sitting in her chair.

So now we've got three mustangs to follow here at the Diaries!


Molly said...

Good job! She's lovely and sounds like she'll be a great addition to the Mustang Ranch.

Lady Of Chaos said...

See, knew you got a new horse. And such a pretty one too.

I can't wait to see how she comes along. :)

Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like you had a productive trip. Looks like she's pretty quiet too. Good for you!

smilnsigh said...

Hi and Welcome Jet! And a lovely girl she is.

Mmmm, and City Boy said... what???? -giggles-