Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Adoption

Another donation! Circle A Trailers of Bellingham is letting us use one of their rental trailers this weekend!

Darling is taking the day off from school tomorrow so that we can get an early start to the adoption in Monroe. My son will drive us up to get the truck, we'll then swing over to Hat's Off in Lynden to pick up the T-shirts she's making for us. From there, a quick trip to Costco for some food (we're donating a lunch of sorts for the volunteers and BLM workers after the horses are unloaded), and over to pick up the trailer.

After that, it's time to load up and hit the road!

I've got my camera all charged up and will bring the lap top along, be sure to check in for updates straight from the event. Lady of Chaos will be meeting me there, I'm excited to meet her!

Now, take a look at these horrible feet! Sunny hasn't been trimmed in over a year. She was adopted from the Monroe adoption last year, then relinquished when her adopters relocated eight months later. She'd rubbed her halter off at some point and they'd never gotten a hand on her. I think we're going to have to tranquilize her in an effort to get her to relax enough to just get those front ones shortened a bit. Won't be pretty, but right now they're beyond ugly!


photogchic said...

Can't wait to see your pictures from the event. Have a great weekend.

Lady Of Chaos said...

I so excited Tracey. I'll be bringing my camera too, but the laptop is staying at home.

I have to get the kids to school, feed the critters, milk the goat, feed the baby goat, shower, hit the store, then I'll be on my way.

I can't wait to meet you and Dean!

Andrea said...

I am so jealous! I wanna go! And bring back the gorgeous sorrel. My husband would shoot me.

Looking forward to pictures!

Rising Rainbow said...

Unfortunately those are not the worst feet I've ever seen but I hope all goes well when you do that trim. It's times like that I wish we could just put a tube in their ear or some or applicance that we could whisper in "this won't hurt" "it'll help you feel better" and all the other things you wish they could undersand so it would be easy.

Lady Of Chaos said...

Okay Folks, Tracey did a boo-boo and left her laptop behind... So, she can't post for a couple of days.

So for pics and updates check out my blog or the Mustang Fever message board.

I did meet Tracey, Darling, and Dean today. Extremely nice people!