Saturday, May 26, 2007


Sunny didn't skip a beat while I was taking time off to heal. I was so pleased with her! While she still isn't an easy catch, I'm just as likely to be able to walk up to her right side as her left. She's currently playing hard to get, but at least when I do get her, I can move onto her right side with little resistance.

At this rate, I'm certain she'll be allowing the saddle at some point this summer. I still may not be catching her easily, but some horses you just never can. She doesn't appear to want to be your best friend, like Quiet Storm does, but she's very responsive and she let's you know she's fond of food with soft nickers when she sees you near the paddock. At least she's not totally stand offish!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the paddock fence... Quiet Storm has become adjusted to the fact that the saddle will be sitting on her back. Gone are the jumpy, fidgety two year old antics. Instead, she's adopted the "I'm so totally bored" pre-teen attitude. I've yet to cinch it up, just getting her used to it being lifted on and off, with the stirrup flopping down on the other side.

Er...somethings on me.

I think you misplaced this. Doesn't it belong on the rail next to Sunny?

Yes, I know I look danged good...but I looked good without it, too!

Notice anything different about her neck? The mane used to fall on both sides, but Darling has been spending time grooming and putting it into pony tails. That mane is thick enough for two horses, so she's got quite the job cut out for her. The Monroe adoption in next weekend and we hope to bring Quiet Storm along with us. Darling wants her looking her best, and folks love to see those brands!

Speaking of the Monroe adoption, I think I'm going to offer a contest to celebrate! I'm not sure what I'm celebrating, aside from the fact that it's close enough for me to commute back to my own bed all three days. That is definitely worth celebrating, as I sure can't afford to be an hour from home and pay for a hotel with uncomfortable beds!

So...I'm going to give away a t-shirt! Leave a comment this week, on any post between now and June 2, and I'll toss all the names into a hat (the cowboy variety) and draw the lucky winner while I'm in Monroe. And be sure you're popping back in over next weekend, as I'll be posting pics of the horses as they unload as well as videos of them in the corrals.

Image on t-shirt

Want a sneak peek at what will be there? Click the link!

And if any of you live in Western Washington, why not stop in on Sat or Sun and say hi? I'd love to meet you!


Andrea said...

Quiet Storm looks beautiful with her saddle on. Isn't it great when you get to see them looking like "big kids" in their tack? Fun stuff. Hopefully I'll get a picture of Tonka under saddle this coming week. I can't wait!

I am so jealous of you getting to go to Monroe! I would absolutely love to be there. There's a sorrel in the pictures I would be very tempted to adopt. It doesn't help that it's almost close enough to consider going, but not really close enough to actually do it. Have lots of fun and I can't wait to see pictures!

Tracey said...

LOL, Andrea! I thought of you when I saw that sorrel, he looks so much like the one from last year in Spokane, doesn't he?

City Boy was on the verge of a yes until Sunny tried kicking the stuffing out of Quiet Storm the other day. She behaves when I'm outside, but I went in the house for a few minutes and she insisted on showing QS who was boss. QS doesn't care who's boss, so just stood in the corner.

City Boy nearly came unglued; he doesn't get the whole horse pschology thing; thinks domestics play by the rules and not like Sunny. There's a reason I call him City Boy! =)

photogchic said...

My mare was hard to catch when I first bought her. A good trick is to approach her from a big arch (don't go straight at her) and right before she is about to take a step away, take a step backward. Instead of stepping away, she will most likely step towards you or maybe look at you like "what are you doing?" Keep moving in this way until you can scratch her shoulder, rub her all over, talk to her, then just leave her alone and go back the way you came:-) Some undemanding time works wonders and this reverse psychology stuff really works:-) Your girls look all "grown up" in their gear. Have a blast in Monroe...sounds like fun.

smilnsigh said...

Those pics of Quiet Storm are sooo great!!!!!


smilnsigh said...

"while I was taking time off to heal."

OK, I guess that's all we're gonna' get from you... about all that health scare business.

OK, as long as it sounds DID heal and all is well and alll.... OK, that's all we really need to know, isn't it?

Oh sure! Unless you're totally into knowing ALLLL, like I am! -grin-

But no, I will not bug you on this topic, again. I want you all fine and that's what I'm going to figure, you are.

Hugs,hugs, hugs,

Lady Of Chaos said...

I love how calm Quiet Storm is with that saddle just sitting there... Maybe Nahima will be next.... umm probably not. lol

At least you didn't post the pics of the Monroe horses this time. I swear you're tempting me beyond belief. (Shame on you, shame on me for looking).

I can't wait to meet you next weekend. It should be a great time. :)

Tracey said...

Photogchic, that's good advice. Sunny and I have been playing this game for four months now (not to be confused with a Parelli game), and some days I can slip up alongside her and others I can't. Right now, we're in the I can't stage. But there's progress just the same, so I'm cool with it.

Mari-Nanci, I posted a looooong answer to your wondering, caring self over at your blog. In short, I'm feeling better, no more symptoms after a long chiropractic visit. Go figure.

Rachelle...I'll be sure to post more tempting pics over the next few days for you. Can't be wandering off into temptation all alone, you know, I've got to bring someone down along with me!

Marion said...

Hmmm...we have friends we visit quite often in the Columbia River Gorge...guess we might drop by, Tracey, next time we go, lol! I would love to see your horses in the flesh.

Really beautiful photos.

Bluepaintred said...

i love the looks of the horses. I saw a horse up close once, she ..maybe he.. was really pretty.

kim said...

Sign me up for the contest!!

~~Mikki Jo said...

Great pictures as always. Can't wait to see photos from Monroe!!!

Tracey said...

Marion, I'm a bit north of the gorge...but let me know when you're in the state!

Bluepaintred...thanks for swinging by! Lots of horses to look at here; and of course from time to time at carpenter creek as well.

Kim, you're signed up, dahling!

Mikki Jo, glad you enjoy the photos. And I'm sure there will be a whole slew of them being taken next weekend!

Rising Rainbow said...

That approaching a horse with an indirect line and backing up if it looks your way is a really good tool. I use it a lot with my young horses. Wish I'd know in back in the days I worked as a groom and we got totally unbroke horses in from a couple of different clients. I think it would have made my life much easier, not to mention the horses's.