Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Saddle...again.

After a few days of the saddle just sitting by the wayside, and the blanket resting near the feeding area, I decided to have another go with Quiet Storm. Our she came to visit the saddle in a non-threatening way. I set it on the ground nearby and allowed her to graze around it.

I also showed her the blanket again, this time without the 'kill it!' reaction she'd had a couple days ago. She questioned the wisdom of placing it on her back by stepping to the side a bit, but after rubbing it along her neck and shoulder, she stood still and I tossed it on. And that's how we spent the next 20 minutes. Blanket on the back, saddle on the ground. The grass was just too sweet and green for Quiet Storm to worry about it.

Grazing near the saddle.

What's this doing down here?

The following day I approached her while she was tied to the paddock post. She eyed me dubiously as I approached, as I had the saddle in my arms. I walked all the way around her, rubbing the saddle on her shoulders where she could see and sniff it. With the saddle in one arm, I offered her a bit of grain out of the scoop that I held in the other hand. Good thing the saddle is light!

When she finished the tid bit of grain, I set the saddle on her back. Quietly, gently...and I never let the stirrup fall onto the other side. I just wanted her to get used to the motion of it going up over her and being set down. And although she wasn't entirely sure of what I was up to, neither the saddle or I were harmed during the process =)

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