Saturday, April 7, 2007


Please Note: I'll be blogging to Carpenter Creek this week regarding my vacation to the Wild Horse Corrals. For daily updates on our trip visit me there!

This morning I was in for a surprise. Here it is, one day before taking off, and who do I see outside my window? Sunny!

She managed to open the gate by rubbing her itchy behind on it. The latch gave way, the gate swung open, and out she came! Thankfully, she's not wanting to take a vacation apart from her friends here, otherwise it could have spelled trouble.

Fortunately, Sunny resisted the urge to run frantically out into the road. Fortunately, I resisted the urge to run back inside to get my camera and document it!

When I got outside, she bucked and snorted, then settled back to grazing. I carried alfalfa to the sheep, grass hay to Quiet Storm, and wondered how I was going to deal with my wild girl. She didn't want to let me up close enough to grab the lead, but she wasn't being stupid, either. Just happy to have stretched her legs (oh, yeah, I could see where she'd been doing that) and eat a bit of spring grass.

Since the sheep were peacefully eating, I took a gamble and opened the gate, hoping they would be absorbed in grain and not notice that freedom was at hand. I then managed to get Sunny to move in the general direction of the open gate.

Lucky me! She saw the gate open and ran into it! She was in there running once before, and has seen Quiet Storm playing out there, so no doubt she associated that pasture with freedom!


Janey Loree said...

Great job on catching Sunny!! I will check in to see how our vacation is going!!!

DannyEquestrianCupid said...

Hey there funny story! You seem to love horses and is an excellent place for horse enthusiasts to share their passion for horses. Keep up the good work!


Marion said...

Phew! When I had horses, I hated them getting out of the paddock...since my place was much like yours...easy access to a road!

Good job!

smilnsigh said...

LOVE that picture! I want to feel, like that picture!