Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wild Horse Fundraiser

In six weeks there will be a Wild Horse adoption held in Monroe, Washington. One of the highlights of these adoption events is the wild horse gentling demos. This year Lesley Neuman will be doing three demonstrations for the event. Lesley is an incredibly blessed human being; she's able to walk into a round pen with a wild horse and have it following her around like a puppy before your very eyes.

Having these demos is a key element in helping folks understand that yes, these horses can be worked with and gentled. However, it costs money to get folks like Lesley to the events. If you've ever wished you could adopt a wild horse, but just haven't got the space, time, or facility, you can still help! I've put together several new products, from clothing to notecards, featuring the wild horses I saw while on vacation in Oregon earlier this month. 100% of the proceeds will go towards the gentling demonstrations!

Please take a few minutes and browse through my shop. There are gifts under $15 (Wild Horse Fundraiser heading), lovely gifts for mom (Mother's Day is coming up!), and even a t-shirt for the family dog!

Want to help spread the word? If you could place a button on your blog or website, I'd greatly appreciate it! Just let me know and I'll get you the code to either of these banners.

Thank you for your support!

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iz said...

Oh Wow Tracey! Sometime I wish I lived close enough to drop by! All the very best for the event.