Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Quiet Storm goes to School

Darling gives Quiet Storm a hug while visiting Irene Reither Primary School.

We got a call just before leaving on vacation from a local school. They've got an after school 4-H program, and the local extension agent had suggested we bring a lamb to visit. When she heard we could do a 'wild' mustang, she was quite excited!

So Monday after Darling got out of school, we loaded up the horse and drove out to Irene Reither Primary School where we met 16 children. Sixteen little children! Being that this is a primary school, the kids were in the neighborhood of seven years old, maybe a year or more less. But much smaller than our last group.

Quiet Storm could care less, though, about the size of the person scratching her. After a brief question and answer period, they came in groups of two or three to pet and scratch her face, and she loved every minute of it! So did the kids =)


Holly Stinnett said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog. I just went through all of yours... you are one busy blogger! They are all so fantastic and all of the photos you've shared are beautiful. This sweet photo is absolutely precious. Both subjects are so lovely.

Midlife Mom said...

What a nice thing to take your horse to see the kids at 4-H. I did 4-H as a child and just loved it. Have been reading your posts about getting up close to your horse, you certainly have good patience! It will all be worth it though when you get him used to it all. I enjoy your site, thanks for stopping by mine. I will have more horse stuff to blog about when my 5 guys come home the middle of May. Right now they are at the riding stable where they have been for the winter. There is an indoor riding arena there which I don't have here at home.