Friday, April 13, 2007

Burns, Oregon

View from one of the highway passes in Eastern Oregon.

We're home from Oregon and the Wild Horse Corrals. It was great fun, but I'm happy to be back in my bed!

I must say that, after driving the passes from Northwest Washington over to Burns, Oregon, I have a great deal (more) respect for those who pull those trailers full of horses over them! It was all I could do not to get dizzy as a passenger; it can't be any fun pulling a trailer.
It was a one day drive over, so our second day we visited the corrals, plus drove to the Steens Mountain in hopes of seeing the herd there. I had a horrible headache, however, so we never made it through the complete loop.
Rocky cliffs near Burns, Oregon in the Steens Mountain area.
Gary and Kid...okay, in reality they were in the corrals working, but I couldn't resist seeing what they'd look like out on the range!
Horses on a steep hillside. Very little vegetation aside from sage brush grows here.

How many pictures can a person take of one horse? Well, if that one horse is this roan, the answer is plenty! That mane of his shone like flames in a fire.

There are currently approximately 200 horses left in Burns; by June they'll all be gone as the corrals are being repaired. Horses that haven't been adopted or sent to prison training programs will be moved to other districts.

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Jocelyn said...

I LOVE your photos. I grew up in Montana and will never stop missing the west, so seeing all that scrub brush was like coming home.