Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Exciting News!

I've been sitting on pins and needles, waiting until now to let everyone know that this weekend I'll be leaving on vacation. Unlike other bloggers, who leave their laptops and readers behind, I'll be bringing you both along with me!

And where am I going that you should care?
The Wild Horse Corrals in Burns, Oregon!

City Boy, Darling and I will be heading out early Sunday morning. Be sure to pop in here for my morning post. While I'd prefer not to be travelling on Easter, Darling is out of school that week, and we need to be back here for the youth fair on Friday. So, Sunday it will be.

Between now and then I'll be learning how to operate the video function on my camera...I hope! Say a prayer and cross you fingers that we'll actually find a real, honest to goodness herd of wild horses while we're there, too!


smilnsigh said...

Why does this sound like ... more than just a vacation? ,-) Why do I get the feeling that you'll come home with a souvenir. But, it won't be a T-shirt or a keychain. -grinnnnn-

Have great time. Share with us. Thank you, ahead of time.


Nadine said...

Beautiful horses. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I wanted to check you out and I'm amazed at how many blogs you have. I'll have to check the others out too.

Tracey said...

A four legged souvenier, perhaps? Well, that had been the thought in the back of this Desperate Horsewife's mind a month ago...but things are moving so slowly with Sunny right now, that maybe not.

Nadine, thanks for popping in! And congrats on that new book =)