Thursday, May 20, 2010

Seven Minutes of Red

Red has been moved to a new location. I received a call last week telling me there was a stall available for sub-lease at the riding club, and I was next on the call list. Did I want it? Oh, boy howdy, did I! So into the horse trailer went our favorite uncooperative mustang and away he went.

Since arriving, Red has found there are many things in life that need dealing with. Things like wheelbarrows slipping in alongside you while you eat grain. Precocious mares in neighboring stalls swinging their hind ends at you in an attempt to gain your admiration. People's feet clunking along overhead as they walk through the hay mow, tossing hay down to your neighbor. But the most difficult thing of all to deal with? Swallows. Swallows who swoop in and out of your personal space with little regard to whether it's okay with you. They don't say a thing...they don't say whoa or easy big fella or nuthin'...they're just not there one moment, and the next they're flying between your legs. And that is nearly too much for our big red boy to handle. least too much the first 48 hours. Since then the swallows have learned who's boss, as Red gave a double barrel kick towards one who had the limited vision to not know swooping behind a mustangs business end could be detrimental to one's health.

But all in all, he's settling in. I'm able to get the lead snapped and unsnapped from his halter much easier than before. He's had to look to me for some reassurance, though he's still a proud individual who wants to believe he can survive this life on his own terms.


aurora said...

Love the video Tracey, looks like a well orchestrated dance!! I can see Red has made progress with your patience, persistence, and confidence. You sure do have a special way with mustangs. Thanks for sharing!

Tracey said...

Thank you for your kind words, Aurora! This is one of those horses who drives it all home...take nothing for granted! I really do like him.

allhorsestuff said...

Hello Tracy,
I have not been here for some time...
Wow! Red being at that unfamiliar place is going to prove good huh. he is such a sensitive and not too trusting man..but I can see where he really has looked to YOU MORE- in that Video! Good stuff, really neat to see!

GunDiva said...

He looks good! The video was great, and I love how your patience comes through.