Monday, May 31, 2010

Rush, rush, rush!

Best Daddy Note Ever
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Life has been busy, and I don't even know why! And I'm rushing out again...should be on the road right now...down to my weekly 'Bull Session'. But I got this email from my mother stating, "How am I supposed to know what you're up to when you're not even blogging???" Um...sorry, Mom!

My good friend Linda has been out of town visiting her cousin, which has left her cranky old cowboy (aka Curt) at home alone. The weather is cold, wet and dreary, which means the cantankerous old coot is slow to move, and since I'd had some truck problems last weekend, I had left Sandy at his place for a few days. And all of this added up to me doing chores here at, oh, 5:30 am (starting with Red and working down to my own crowd here), and getting Darling on the bus at 7:20, and then my heading south to make sure the cowboy was up and help him with chores.

Fringe benefit was I got a couple of extra workouts on the hydra bull, plus a few more rides on the big red mare this past week. But not much blogging time.

Yesterday was the Sumas Mt. Trail Challenge, and the rain actually stopped for the day! Ground was mighty muddy, but the trees were pretty dry by the time Darling and I rode through, and we had a great time. Darling actually won the Mustang Youth division! Okay...shhhh...she was the only one, but her score was comparable to many of the other youth riders, so it's all good. Sandy & I tied for first in the sr division, but because Darling & I opted not to do the extra 'extreme' loop, I lost in the tie breaker. That's okay...we had fun.


And now? Now I'm off to play cowgirl! See ya later!


Shirley said...

Winning is good but having fun doing it is more important! Love how Steve Holt!'s halter is color-coordinated with Darling's shirt....prolly not by chance!

JeniQ said...

woo sounds like fun even if it's a lot of work!

CTG Ponies said...

Congrats to you and Darling! Love the pic!! And the note is really cute and made me giggle.