Friday, June 5, 2009

Twittering...not sure I get it.

Why is it they feel the need to nap right next to the fence where I've left stuff sitting? Why can't they nap where there's no hose filling water tubs?

Do you twitter? Or tweet? I'm not so sure I get it. But today I signed up, and it automatically scanned through my email address book and created a list of people for me to 'follow'. Now there are 48 folks out there who think I'm stalking them!

Darling and I are headed to a lesson this afternoon with Curt. Afterward, we'll be heading down and hitting the trails with none other than Paintgirl! This will be Steve Holt!'s trail riding debut. So far he's just done our wee little trail here across the road. He crosses through mud and goes up and down hills. If Darling can keep Sandy under control, we'll have it made! (Sandy's been feeling like a wild mustang here of late; not sure what's gotten into that rascal!)

Speaking of Sandy the Rascal...

I've been bringing the boys down to the neighbor's where they spend the night grazing. In the morning, before the heat sets in, I lead them back home where they can lounge about inside a cool(ish) barn. The other day, before bringing them home, I decided to take a few minutes and set some fence posts out in the longer, lusher grass and create a new space for them. I opened the gate so they could come with me as I strung the hot wire.

At first they weren't so sure. I had all the posts where they belonged and was walking along, not so hot (for the time being) wire running through my hands as I connected it onto each post, when Sandy suddenly gets the idea that it's time to go home...and that meant NOW! And despite the fact that the gate through which we travel in and out is on the opposite side of the pasture, he jumps the little muddy stream of water, Steve Holt! hot on his heels, and dashes past me.

Of course, he manages to snag the hot wire across his chest (it's that skinny white stuff, not really wire) and drags a good 30' of it behind him until it comes to it's end, trailing through the long grass and no longer attached to a single post.

What's more, Sandy darts over the spot of blackberries separating this pasture with the one next door. Steve Holt! is so close I swear his chin is resting on Sandy's butt as they disappear across the field.

Oh, well...I'll finish fencing another day. The field the boys are making a mad dash across backs up to our property, and they're headed towards the little trail we take each day. I hear Rufus barking from our side of the creek and know the boys are on their way. I go climb into my truck so I can go home and open the gate for them.

But when I pull into my driveway, there are no horses. Maybe they're still down getting a drink from the creek? No...they're not there. But Rufus is, all wet and muddy and proud of himself, telling me he chased those big boys off his property. Stupid Rufus. Head full of fluff. It's back to the pound with you if I can't find those horses!

I cross the creek with a scoop of grain, rattling and calling, expecting to see them in the big pasture between home and the field they should have stayed in. But they were nowhere to be seen...


jane augenstein said...

OMG they can't get gone! I hope this is only part of the post and you are going to write and say that they are in the barn??? How scary!

Pony Girl said...

Way to leave us hanging! ;)
I am SO jealous you are riding w/my sis right now! You don't know how badly I wanted to be there, but My Boy is just not a happy camper right now and the trails are not a safe place to be with an irritated horse. Hopefully we can try again in the next few weeks. I'm glad things cooled down a little and I can't wait to hear about your ride!!

Dusty Devoe said...

Can't wait to hear how you ride went with my Paint Girl!!!

Jeanette said...

Yikes...I hate that panicy feeling! Please tell me you found the boys!
I started a twitter account a little bit ago and promptly got a very stinging little comment from one of those folks that were set up from my email contact list "Do you know me???, don't follow me". Ouch...didn't mean to bother anyone, just silly me not knowing how this thing worked...*red faced* ooops!

Nikki said...

When I first looked at your picture I thought that is some wierd looking horse, then I realized it was 2 horses! Made much more sense. :)