Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Dad's Day!

Yup, that's me! Smokin' hot toddler.

It's Father's Day, so I thought I'd give a shout out to my dad, the man who let me smoke a pipe when I was three. Musta been good, I had a smile on my face! I decided I'd write a poem for Dad today.

F is for the funny things you gave me (like pipes)
A is for the adorable daughter you had
T is for the turtle you bought me (that died)
H is for the humor you've shown
E is for email, which has little to do with you but it starts with E
R is for a really cool dad

Okay, so I won't rush out and get a job writing greeting cards just yet. But along with that interesting little ditty, I'm also getting you this, Dad. A horse. You've been so supportive of my bringing in these mustangs that I've decided to share with you my dream. So when you get home from wherever it is you're currently at (eh), you'll find this pretty girl on your patio. Hopefully she won't have wandered off and be roaming the streets of Lynden...although it's an agriculturally based community, so I'm sure no one will mind her leaving divets in their lawns. And it's chemical free fertilizer, too! You'll probably be very popular.

Have a great Father's Day, Dad!


Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

You can leave one of those on my porch any day! LOL

jane augenstein said...

Great post, Tracey! yes, you can leave me one too!! :-)
~Jane and Gilly~

Tracey said...

Well, hey, won't find me stopping you, lol!

Paint Girl said...

Cute poem!
Are you seriously leaving a Mustang for your dad? How cool! What a great Father's Day gift!!

Tracey said...

Ha! No, not really. I've got the Mustang U site set up for sponsorships as Father's Day gifts. He and Mom rode up in the mountains for years; now they just motorhome across the country!