Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Moon grazes in the lush grass

Jupiter listens to the birds singing

Sandy & Steve Holt! finding tasty morsels

Steve Holt! asks, "Is this my better side?"

The past couple of mornings have been lovely, with blue skies and birds singing. It felt wonderful climbing out of bed to the buzzing of bumble bees hard at work and the warmth of the sun on my skin.

But then the clouds rolled in, and with them the rains began to fall from the heavens. And while the horses didn't seem to mind, I was driven back indoors to less than inspiring piles of laundry. I've got my way nearly through it, though, which is a good thing as Darling & I are going to head out of here shortly to meet up with Pony Girl and Paint Girl for a ride.

Hopefully Darling will be able to keep Sandy under control, as the wind is blowing a bit out there and when the tree tops get to swaying, Sandy gets to dancing. And when Sandy gets to dancing, well, there's no telling which way those feet of his are going to go. Wish the punk luck staying on today!


Katee said...

Good Luck, punk! Don't break a leg!

Boy, that Steve Holt! is sure a pretty horse. I'm so very glad that he got to come home with you.

Mrs Mom said...

Happy Trails you guys!! Stay forked the right way there, Punk! ;)

Great shots as always here Tracey. Man alive have you gots talent!!

froglander said...

Is that Darling's new blog name, Punk? Lol. Hope you guys have a good ride!

Paint Girl said...

Very beautiful pictures Tracey! Love the Moon and Steve Holt! ones!
Yeah, Sandy and Brandy will probably be jumping out of their hooves! Hopefully they won't be too jumpy with the strong breeze we have going on!

Melanie said...

No fair...I want to come along!!!
I hope that you have a great ride, and that all the horses cooperate with the wind. My Bo can get a bit crazed in it as well, but I like when he acts naughty-at least once in awhile. :)

PS-Beautiful pics. Your horses are all lovely. Are they all mustangs?

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

Such beautiful photos, and yes, I think that is Steve holts! best side, he has a mane to die for!

Pony Girl said...

Wow, beautiful pictures, Tracey! I have major "mane envy" of SH! :) It was great to meet and ride with you. Hope we can hit the trails again soon!!