Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Darling & Sandy video

This past week I've been struggling with computer issues. But as cranky as I was over that little detail, I was equally delighted with how things have gone with the horses. Steve Holt! and I have strung together several good rides, including hauling down to Curt's for a lesson on Friday.

City Boy brought Darling down after school, and I managed to get a little bit of video footage of her ride. She's in seventh heaven over a new movie program she's got, so has gone a little crazy with the fun stuff.

In the evenings, when it's a bit cooler (we've been hitting high 70s here of late) Darling and I have been taking the boys to the tree farm for a short ride. Steve Holt! has been fantastic, not frantic at all when Darling and Sandy trot or even lope on up ahead, just picking up his walk a bit while still moving on a loose rein. And do you recall how worried we were over Sandy's profuse sweating last fall and winter? He now completes his rides with barely a damp hair, and then it's just under the girth, even with all the long trotting Darling has him doing. She's got that boy fit as a fiddle. Now I've got to do double time with Steve Holt! to catch up!


jane augenstein said...

Nice video, Sandy is a real nice mover. Darling looks good up there on him. Sounds like Steve Holt! is doing great too, both are beautiful horses and you have done well with them!
~Jane and Gilly~

Paint Girl said...

Darling looks really good on Sandy. Sandy is a very nice mover!
Glad to see SH getting some miles.
About going riding, can you do an evening ride? That way Pony Girl could go, since she is still working. I actually have some stuff going on during the days right now, job prospects! But we'd love to go on an evening ride, I am not that far from the tree farm. Let us know!

Callie said...

Wow! Look at Darling & Sandy go! Was that a titch of a side pass I saw there? Glad his sweating issues have resolved. I do remember that.

Molly said...

Darling and Sandy look so relaxed and together. I love his rear movement and her softness.
The movie program is a total hit, too.

lytha said...

i got a package in the mail yesterday that i had to go pick up in customs - all the way from america my aunt had sent me a seattle times with your article in it.

i didn't tell her i'd already read the story online, but it was a real treat to have the actual paper in my hands!

i just thought you might like to know that your story was enjoyed on the other side of the world!

~lytha in germany