Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Case of the Missing Mustangs

Rufus bounced happily along in front of me, despite my threats to send him back to the pound.

"Homeland Security, just doing my job, ma'am," was his answer. The naughty ball of fluff could care less that my boys were not in sight. Turning back towards the house and ready to go climb into my truck to see if they'd fled down the road, I noticed something back up in the shadows alongside the neighbor's house. Sure enough, there were my two runaways, grazing contentedly on the overgrown lawn. The muddy fluff ball at my side bounced towards them as if to indicate he'd been the one to locate their whereabouts. I growled at the dog, rattled the grain and coaxed my wayward mustangs towards home.

Darling was at school when I loaded our boys into the trailer and headed to Curt's for a lesson. Steve Holt! rode in the outdoor arena for the first time, and we were back on the bull! I just can't tell you how pleased I am with this horse; he doesn't seem to have missed a beat when it comes to memory retention. His biggest hang up is he's slow at his turns. Spurs will become part of our attire from this point forward.

I was just warming up when City Boy pulled in and deposited Darling. Her ride was fantastic! Curt left me to cool out my gelding while getting Darling started. By the time I walked around the front of the arena he was calling to me, "Hey, Mom, get in here!" So I did, and I watched Darling and Sandy doing some fast rollbacks along the wall. "This is the most aggressive I've ever seen her," said Curt. "She's getting better each time, she's real coachable. More than her mom," he said with a wink. Whatever, Storbakken... But he's right. Darling's riding has improved ten fold in the few lessons she's had. Once they'd spent a few minutes indoors, Curt had her move outside to see how Sandy would respond to her in the open. With all going well, Curt nodded his head, saying, "We'll do something a little different next time." Something tells me there's a bull session in Darling's future...

We loaded up and headed further south, completely confusing those mustangs, I'm sure, and met up with Paint Girl and OH for an evening trail ride. We had a great time and can't wait to do it again...hopefully with Pony Girl next time around!


Andrea said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! What a great place to ride. Bridges and horse eating root balls... Fun stuff!

I'm getting a little nervous about competing against your daughter at Mustang Days! Makes me want to get out and take some lessons too.

Tracey said...

LOL, Andrea...hard to toss her in if I'm judging. Wouldn't be fair, do you think?

The trails where we rode are terrific for a young horse. We crossed two bridges, one was low and wide, the one in the video a bit more narrow and much higher. Steve Holt! led over the first bridge and didn't miss a beat. I was quite pleased with how he did.

Paint Girl said...

Darling's lesson sounded like it went really well!
I love the video of our trail ride! I was probably talking the whole time you were doing the video, I didn't even notice! I've done that to my sister before.
I was also VERY impressed with Steve Holt! and Sandy! They did so great on the trails!!
Let's hope my sister can get her boy's sarcoid healed up, and on another trail ride with her in tow!

Pony Girl said...

Love the video....great song! :) I'm so glad you guys got to ride and I'm sorry I missed it, I heard all about it from PG and her OH!! Hopefully my horse will be up to wearing a bridle soon and we can try again. I heard your Mustangs are beautiful and can really cover some ground!!

Katee said...

Loved the trail video! I'm so glad that Steve Holt! is working out so well for you and it's awesome that your darling daughter has found such a great (and wild) partner in Sandy.

Colleen Sculleigh Osman said...

I am new to your blog, but I saw it referenced on Paint Girl's blog! I LOVE the video--especially of the horses at the water! And that bridge looked scary! I wonder if my brumby would go for it? Your mustangs are also very pretty. If I had a lot of land, I would adopt one in a minute!