Thursday, February 5, 2009


Poor Quiet Storm just can't catch a break. About a month ago I received a call from her new owner, sobbing, in tears, telling me she'd have to give up the mustangs. She'd just been through heart surgery and the bills were coming in. I asked if I could buy her a couple months time, would that help? Yes...she said.

And so the word went out, and a few extra bales brought in. And she was overjoyed. But she's still struggling to get things straightened out with the hospital, trying to get a payment plan that will work, and tonight I heard from her daughter saying that her mom had decided she just can't take any more charity and has decided she needs to give the horses up.

Which means that our dear little girl is again in need of a home. If anyone here is in the northwest and would like more information on this now 4 year old sweet as can be little mare please let me know.

Also available is Mist (Firecracker). For those of you who've not been at the Diaries for long, she's a 5 year old Kiger mare. Debbie has been on her, although I don't know how many rides.

Should anyone want to help contribute to their care until we can rehome them, I'd be much obliged! You can paypal where an account has been set up especially for them.


Yesterday Lynda the reporter and Alan the photographer were back. We met them at Curt's place so they could watch while I took a lesson, plus Jay had promised to meet us there to give Steve Holt! his first trim. Darling had her camera, but when I asked if she got video of Steve Holt!'s ride, she said..."Um...No." What?! Sigh...what will I do with that kid?

Curt had offered to let Lynda ride one of the cutting horses, and Darling did get that recorded. She also got Steve Holt! being introduced to a pedicure.


Shirley said...

Sad to hear that your friend is having hard times and is giving up her horses. What a lovely mare, I hope she finds a wonderful home.
Steve Holt! not used to men? I like the patience your farrier showed.

Christa said...

Yeah Steve Holt! I think he did great with Jay and boy does Jay seem patient. Thats nice.

I am so sorry to hear about Quiet Storm and Firecracker. I sure hope you are able to find them great homes to stay for good.

Katee said...

Quiet Storm why can't you find a forever home? Poor little girl. I will pray that her next home is her last home.

Linda said...

How many times has Fire Storm been rehomed? She's a beautiful horse.

Was your farrier just giving an intro lesson there or did he actually nip and file? If it is an intro lesson, that seems like a good idea. And he was very patient with Steve Holt!. Farriers are the bravest sould alive!

I had two farriers working on Beautiful when we tried to get that club hoof down--Beautiful by far preferred the woman. I guess it's because I'm a woman.

Linda said...

Oh, that was phrased odd--I had two farriers working on her at different times, every two weeks--not at the same time.

froglander said...

How broke is Quiet Storm? I'll mention her to my friend Diane and see if she knows of anyone looking for a horse. I don't think she needs any more lesson horses (she takes good care of them) but often helps match up kid and horse when one of her lesson kids is ready for their own horse.

Gecko said...

Brrrr...look at the steam coming out of that horse's nostrils! I've never seen a mechanical cow (is that what you call them?) in action, awsome! And a little wierd at the same time, LOL!

Good ol' Steve Holt! No, I wouldn't mind if I never became a farrier by trade, definently not the best of jobs!

Becky said...

How many hands/pounds is Quiet Storm?