Monday, February 16, 2009

An Early Morning

Steve Holt! waits patiently before hitting the trail

Steve Holt! and I went for a quiet trail ride yesterday. Quiet in the sense that we weren't with Darling or any other horses. The sun was out and plenty of folks were walking with their dogs. It was nice and relaxing for both of us.

I'd decided that since it was relatively peaceful outside to attempt leading him down to the tree farm rather than warming up the truck and hauling him. He's not been around cars yet so I wasn't sure how it'd go. The first vehicle that passed us was coming towards him on the opposite side of the road. He lifted his head and tensed up as I waived to the neighbors as they approached. Piece of cake...oops, not! Right as they drew alongside us Steve Holt! did an amazing airs above the ground lateral move that landed him five feet off to my right and in the dense brush alongside the road. Good thing there hadn't been a ditch there!

That was the only vehicle that passed us on our way down, but on the way home we were passed by four more, all of which were coming from behind. Being as there was now a deep, narrow ditch on this side of the road, I was happy that he didn't attempt to jump away. He was never too relaxed, but he did stick with me and listen as I talked him through it. Cars, it would seem, are this boy's downfall.

But enough about Steve Holt!. There's something else happening here at Carpenter Creek right now. Something that had Darling and I puttering around in the dark last night and me out of bed long before the birds. Upon pulling into the driveway yesterday afternoon I glanced out at my sheep and...Bessie's tummy has shifted. That is to say, it's dropped, and further back.

This will be Bessie's third lambing. She gave me a single the first year, and last year twins. I'd expected her to lamb mid-month but until yesterday she showed no real signs that it would happen. And to be honest, she could still be a couple weeks off...but I'm thinking sooner rather than later. Her udder swelled up yesterday, too. Not tight enough for me to think it would happen last night, but big enough for the lambing stall to be set up, the light on, and Bessie removed from the flock.
So, people...any guesses as to when Bessie will be a mommy?


Shirley said...

If sheep are anything like horses, it'll be the middle of the night! How is the Aussie saddle working out for Steve Holt!?

Tracey said...

Shirley, I'm waiting for my saddle pad. Actually...I need to call and order because the online order didn't appear to work. The saddle itself is comfy to ride and Steve Holt! doesn't appear to mind it.

Bessie is a middle of the day lamber; or at least her first two lambings were such. Perhaps we'll get video to share??

Rising Rainbow said...

Boy, no guesses from me, I know those girls go in their own time and that's all there is too it.

froglander said...

It will be whatever day you are busiest and have the most plans,lol. Can't wait to see lamb pictures!

Jeanette said...

OH, I know, I know...when its the COLDEST...FROSTIEST....WINTERIEST, Very earliest in the morning time you can think of! That'll be the time...I think they wait just so you'll scramble trying to dry and warm the little cuties. Keep us posted! I can't wait to see them, it's not spring till the lambies hit the ground! :)

Gecko said...

My guess is three days time. =D

It really must run in the family, we have a cow who will hang on for weeks. Her first calf is now springing and I've been thinking 'any day now' for the past 3 weeks! Like mother like daughter!

Katee said...

A nice quiet trail ride sounds wonderful! We've still got way too much snow and ice to consider that up here.

Connie Peterson said...

March 10 = that's the day of my eye surgery. New eye, new lamb, right?

Nice day for a trail ride - how wonderful for both of you.

Anonymous said...

Steve looks so spiffy all saddled up. Such a sweet face.