Friday, February 27, 2009

Expo Calendar of Extreme Events

For those who've decided to attend the Northwest Horse Fair and Expo, you may want to know where to go, what it will cost, and what day is best to attend.

The Mustang Makeover begins on Thursday night at 5 pm. Tickets are only available at the gate and are $10 each.

Friday, Sat, and Sunday tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the gate. Getting your hands on tickets may prove to be a bit of a challenge if you live in WA as there is only one location where you can pick them up. Try contacting Linn Co. Fair & Expo Center at 800-858-2005 where they'll hold your tickets til you get there.

In addition to the Extreme Mustang Makeover, Craig Cameron's Extreme Cowboy Race will also be kicking off it's preliminary round on Thursday night. The ECR will begin at 4 pm in the Silverlite Arena, followed by the In Hand competition with the mustangs.

The rest of the weekend, at least for the mustangs, will see the riding course (trail) on Friday night, then on Saturday the finals.

Don't forget we've got a name the ram lamb contest! Leave your suggestion between now and Sunday, 8 pm pacific, and we'll announce the winner on Monday!!


Britni said...

OMG that lamb is absolutely adorable! I think he looks like a Levi to me.

My SO would like for me to tell you that his name suggestion is "Blinkin". LOL

Becky said...

I always thought it'd be cute to name a male sheep: Wetherbee (spelling optional.) I like the dignified sound of it (something sheep AREN'T), and it's appropriate, cuz, a wether is a castrated male sheep. But not having sheep, I don't know if that's an over-used name (like Harley for a Harlequin Great Dane.) So, if it is (might be breaking contest rules by giving two names) I also think he looks like an Elvis. I have no idea why. He just does to me.

froglander said...

He looks like he's smiling :) Will have to think on the name, cute little bugger though :)

Shirley said...

What is an Extreme Cowboy race?

Tracey said...

Thanks, gals...we think the lambs are super cute, too!

Shirley...have you got RFD TV up there in the great white north? Craig Cameron hosts this race and it's a great deal of fun! Do a google...or go to you tube and search for it. Basically a timed event where you do all sorts of ranch related things like rope a horse, go through gates, through water, over and under all sorts of things. I nearly entered Steve Holt! in this one, even before I'd been on his back as I was so sure he'd have the right stuff to get it done.