Saturday, January 31, 2009

Steve Holt!, week 8

It's rather like wishing on a star, or blowing out your candles and telling people what your wish is...the fear of it not coming true keeps your lips sealed! But lips are not fingers...are they?

Steve Holt! has so many things going for him over Sandy, yet Sandy had things going for him that Steve Holt! does not. Mainly, he was so incredibly balanced that he could bluff his way into the spotlight. Steve Holt!, however, is more athletic and has a more disciplined mind when it comes to learning.

All this to say that I'm in search of music to use should we make the finals. Did I type that out loud? Yes, I think I did...and it really puts me out there. What if we dive bomb? Could happen...he could totally fall apart. But there's no point in thinking of all the things that could go wrong; I want to be prepared should all the things go right. But golly, the musical choices have given me a headache!

As I was telling Darling, I like the 40's swing music; Candyman and Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy are so much fun! I'd have to dress the part, though...meaning I'd need a stomach girdle. It'd need to be cinched up tight to give me one of those tiny 40's waists. Darling is certain I'd not be able to breath. Of course, climbing on top of my horse is already difficult and stepping into the stirrup could cause me to pass out. I may need to use stairs...or a crane to lift me up onto him. I'd probably need to go on a diet, or do sit ups to help prepare. Perhaps 40's music and a tiny waist are over rated.


Are you ready for Steve Holt!'s week in review?

1) We got to watch buffalo work! Of course, he nearly fell asleep, but I suppose that's better than hanging off the rafters, eh?

2) We've been for 2 trail rides. First was a solo around the bottom of the tree farm. We also went out with Darling and Sandy. That story is coming as soon as the video is ready.

3) We had a reporter and photographer come to visit. I'm not sure how that's making headway in training, but it was fun!

4) Steve Holt!'s trot is beginning to slow down, and his lope really is beginning to take shape.

5) Good golly...are you ready? He can actually stop! Well, from the walk or trot, that is. Loping can be tricky as it depends on his frame of mind. But we're getting there.

It was a good week for bonding. We're going to continue to work on our whoa and hopefully make those lead changes a little smoother this week.

What are you planning to do this coming week?


Callie said...

So somewhere along the line I have missed how this horse received his name. Can you please explain or refer to said post with the story, Tracey. Cuz I find his name kind of funny!

Callie said...

So somewhere along the line I have missed how this horse received his name. Can you please explain or refer to said post with the story, Tracey. Cuz I find his name kind of funny!

Shirley said...

If you like the swing music, check out a Texas band called Asleep at the Wheel. They have that great Texas swing sound. Or if you prefer the old big band dwing, try the Glen Miller Band.

Tracey said...

Callie, I shall send you the link. People do find his name a bit odd, and it tends to bring a smile :)

Shirley, shall do!

Linda said...

It'll be fun to see it all come together--whatever you choose.

Saddle Mountain Rider said...

What a cute post! I like the candy man song - just spray some glitter on S H's butt! I dont have a plan for the week, but i sure enjoyed yours.

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm not having trouble scrolling down.

Tracey said...

Linda, part of me thinks I'm getting way ahead of myself...could be we totally blow the finer details and don't make it into the finals. But then its good to be ready, just in case, eh?

SMR, great idea...I love shiny, glittering things! Maybe I'll throw candy to the crowd :)

MiKael, that's good to know about the scrolling. Hope no one else is having a tough time.

cruznrowdee said...

Oh! I like the Candy Man song too, Tracey! I like the idea with the glitter and throwing out candy! Be cool if you could find some material or a thin blanket with a candy design on it to put under his saddle! Maybe tie little peices of candy up in his mane somehow, lol!