Thursday, January 29, 2009

Next Year's Suit

Or at least that's what Darling is calling it. A big box came in the mail yesterday and inside were the two new blankets I'd ordered for Dude Lee and Sandy. They truly are not big enough to be wearing a 75", but since the 72" was just a bit snug I ordered these in hopes they wouldn't be swimmingly big on them. While I was away, Darling hauled her's out of the box and went to find her horse.

Steve Holt! and I had hauled down to Curt's for our mid week, lets get used to the commotion ride. Not a lesson on Wednesdays, just a hang out and ride afternoon. With all the racket of cutting horses and hydra bull, it's a good learning experience. Yesterday when I showed up, the arena looked different. Curt had drug it...there was no track down the center for the hydra bull to do its thing. I'd only just climbed into the saddle when Curt came along and shut the big arena door. Steve Holt! wasn't too sure what was going on, but I did...BUFFALO!

Today they would work the buffalo, and Steve Holt! would get to witness the action.

While Steve Holt! was mildly curious about that horned critter, he was not nervous in the least, and as Curt and Winona worked their horses, he stood with his head hanging, totally relaxed. We stuck around for about an hour, then headed back home. Driving up the road I got a crazy idea. Because of the action in the arena, I hadn't bothered to unsaddle Steve Holt! before why not take him for a little trail ride?

I pulled into the tree farm parking lot and the two of us headed out. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it sure wasn't what I got. This was Steve Holt!'s first experience being ridden outdoors; aside from being able to hear him taking deep breaths in the crisp air, he was a vision of experienced trail horse with not so much as an ounce of tension. It was a lovely first outing.

All in all, ride 23 was pretty nice. Hard to fathom just 8 weeks ago he was completely wild. Harder still to think that we've only got 7 to go.


Angela Huston said...


I can't believe the time has gone so fast with Steve Holt! You guys are gonna do great.....Are you planning on getting another TIP horse since Darling stole one of yours???? Hehehe...GO DARLING! Glad to hear you listened to her gut instinct and picked the sorrel like she asked you to....You know I voted that the MHF do a family competition with you 2 in mind! Wouldn't a kid and parent EMM be cool???

froglander said...

It doesn't look all that big on Dude in the video. Are they the cross-surcingle type belly straps or just a single belly strap? Was hard to tell but it kinda looked like a belly strap was being used as a leg strap? Or it could just be that I am blind, lol. The color sure looks nice on him!

Congrats on the trail ride :)

Tracey said...

Angela, I didn't see that there was a vote for something like that...was it on one of the MHF pages? That would be too cool! You'd have to do it, too, of course :)

Frog, it all looked kinda goofy to me in the video, too. There are two leg straps and the cross belly straps. I went out a bit later and snugged them up a bit as they were a bit loose, and she'd managed to get them all hooked up to the right spots. It's not enormously big, just a wee bit and he'll definitely grow into it this year. Hopefully not out of it as well!

froglander said...

I saw that on the MHF website too, it was on the main page I think on the right hand side, asking about ideas for future EMM events. I think the options were to leave it as it is, do a family one, or do a couples one.

Katee said...

Wow! A trail ride. I'm glad it went so well, Tracey!

Linda said...

What a wonderful, beautiful day for the two of you. I'm also surprised he's that far in such a short time. It demonstrates a great deal of trust between you both. It's nice to know his first experience with a human being has been this good for him.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Sigh. That is so inspiring. I know you can't generalize about horses, but I've always wondered if Mustangs would take to trail riding quicker because they are in their element.

Tracey said...

NM, that's a good question! Mustangs are outdoor horses, to be sure. What they aren't...or at least what mine haven't been, are tree dwellers. They live out in the open desert, so traveling through trees with shadows can be a bit unnerving for them. Every 2' rock or stump may be a bear or some other creature ready to eat you for dinner :) The greater the self preservation, the more they notice whats out there in the shadows.

Gecko said...

BUFFALO? Wow! We don't have those where I come from! ;D