Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Company Comes A Callin'

"Sunny Siesta"

Normally I don't work a horse more than 5-6 days in a row. After all, even God rested on the seventh day, and like us, our horses can use a break to refresh. However...Steve Holt! did not get to rest on the seventh day.

We were to have visitors today, Tuesday, and so I rode him Sunday and was going to give him Monday off. But Sunday afternoon I received a call saying there'd been a change in plans, and could they come on Monday instead? Would that mess Steve Holt! up? Being the gracious guy he is, Steve Holt! welcomed his guests with kind eyes and willing attitude.

At first we just hung out in the round pen while his guests asked questions about his training so far, and just how wild is wild? And they took photos...lots and lots of photos. Steve Holt! was totally relaxed, dropping his head and searching for treats. He let me rub all over his face, leaning on me and loving all the attention. I then pulled out the halter, not sure what to expect, but aside from lifting it a bit higher than I'd like, he didn't pull his head away and to the uneducated onlooker there was nothing much out of place.

We left the round pen and walked over the bridge. I told them he'd stepped up and over it just as easily the first time I'd asked him to. We then walked into the lower pasture where the sheep were. This, I said, was his first venture out there. They followed, continuing to ask questions and photographing his every move. Then they photographed the sheep...because, after all, sheep are cute and hard to resist!

With their visit roughly an hour long, I asked, "Would you like to go to the arena and see him being ridden?" An enthusiastic yes was the answer, so we piled into the truck and up we went to the riding club. Although Steve Holt! has been loping for a couple weeks now in the arena, I opted not to do that this time for two reasons: First, it was really his day off, and second, I didn't think it'd be good to run over the reporter and photographer. But I did ask for a lot of bending, flexing, and slowing down at the trot. Steve Holt! seemed to know he was the star, dropping his head and moving slower than he ever has as he circled around his guests, looking very much like an old broke pony. This horse never ceases to amaze me. I gave him some extra treats for working overtime and today he's getting a well deserved day off.

"Do boot heels taste anything like apple treats?"

Upon returning home, Lynda, the reporter from the Seattle Times, looked out towards the round pen and asked if Darling was okay. I smiled. "Yeah...they're just taking a nap." Dude was taking his afternoon siesta and Darling was curled up with him. They make such a cute couple! While we'd been away, she put together a video of her day with him. Watch. Enjoy.


Sarah said...

Oh thank you for sharing these wonderful pics! They look so cozy and happy together!! Beautiful girl and horse!

Nikki said...

Yeah you Tracey! I hope the reporter writes a great story. Any ideas on when it will be in the paper? Darling's video is wonderful!.

Katee said...

Darling Rocks!

You're going to post a link so us non-Washinton state-ers can see this article, right?

Tracey said...

Thank you for the compliments on Darling and Dude. She's doing quite well with him.

The story won't be out until April...it's slated to be in their magazine, not the paper. Lynda and Alan (the photographer) will be making a few visits to watch the progress between now and then. And yes, when it's out I'll surely let you know. Unless I don't look good in the photos (but I'm making sure to wear a hat, and I'll plead and beg for a bit of photoshop before it goes to print, lol!)

Jeanette said...

Congratulations to Darling!!! First ride, how cool.
I do have a question...How did Dude train Darling to lunge like that? (LOL).
Can you please let us know if there is a link when the story is published??? I am curious and want to see it!!!

Tracey said...

Isn't the lunging part too funny? I asked her the same thing.

I'll be sure to keep y'all in the loop when the story comes out.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww, such a beautiful photo and quite a funny video, too. Love how it's been sped up. Very clever! They are doing great together!
Steve Holt! has come so far. Looks like he welcomes his time with his favorite humans and aims to please, too. :)


blackfeatherfarm said...

The first photo on this post is just too "Darling." I LOVE it !
SteveHolt! is just coming right along, hhhmmmm, might be his trainer. :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the photoshopping part, those photojournalists would rather drop dead than use PS. They say that it wouldn't be true photojournalism if they used the program... true... so always show your best side and stretch your neck out toward the camera at all times! :D LOL Congrats on the interview.

Tracey said...

Oh, no...nonono Joan. If that's true, y'all just won't be seeing a single copy, lol!

Glad y'all are enjoying the pics of and video of Darling and Dude Lee. They're just such a cute couple and she sat out there for nearly an hour with him!

Angie said...

Just catching up...sweet. I miss my girl being at home so I will enjoy watching yours! My little girl called tonight telling me she had a job offer in France working for a trainer there. What the heck? I'm thinking not!

Tracey said...

France? Oye vey... My son is 22 and now that Circuit City has closed shop, unemployed. He was considering Japan and teaching English as a Second Language. I'm with you, Angie! NOT in my lifetime :)

Gecko said...

The video cracked me up, she seems to have so much fun with him, it really is inspiring to us others to play more with our horses...me anyway!!