Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Darling; Wild Horse Tamer

The day should have progressed as such:

Get up, feed horses and sheep. Have breakfast. Sneak in a quick ride on Sandy, head off to my massage. Feed horses in the evening, then haul Steve Holt! up to the riding club for an evening work out.

The day did not progress as such.

I received an email from my mom in AZ telling me that Grandpa Wayne had slipped on the ice and crawled to the lawn to get up. Grandma and Wayne's driveway is paved, you see, and Grandpa Wayne had not told Grandma he was heading out to get the mail. So she was unaware that anything was amiss until he made it back into the house...bleeding. He'd conked his elbow pretty good and there was a fair amount of blood.

Grandma, it seems, had been suffering from a bit of vertigo. Although if you ask her it may be something else. But whatever the official name, she'd been dizzy and not feeling well for the past few days and was unsure about driving him off to the ER. Since none of her kids was on hand to help get them to the hospital, I called her Monday morning to see if she'd like a ride.

Wayne's on a blood thinner and bleeds pretty easily, so Grandma was quite concerned about the amount of blood on her husband's bandage, but as it turned out they said it was pretty normal for that type of injury. They carted him off, however, for an X-ray to be sure he hadn't fractured it. His hip was bruised but would heal, they said. And as it turned out, his elbow wasn't damaged beyond the nasty looking scrape and bruising.

Sara, my massage therapist, was kind enough to move my appointment back a couple of hours and after dropping Grandma and Wayne back at their home, I was able to lay back and enjoy the pain as Sara rubbed about on all the knots and kinks in my back and neck. I actually fell asleep at one point. Hope I didn't snore!

Upon returning home Darling presented me with her day via you tube. Just think...three more years and she'll be old enough to do the Extreme Mustang Makeover!


Callie said...

Good grief, maybe she will! Awesome! I bet you weren't really suprised, now were you. hehehe!

Katee said...

So cool! What a wonderful example you are to your daughter. She looks calm and confident with Dude.

Linda said...

What a girl! She's got the whole thing down, doesn't she? And, she knows how to tape it all.

Steve Holt looked great in the earlier footage, too. I think every horse is different and progresses at their own rate and their own way--it's such an individual and not cookie cutter process.

My wonderful friend and horse trainer in Lewiston--I'd spend every day out with her--when I lived down there and boarded at the same stable--and I'd watch her go through horse after horse, month after month--the same person, different horse, different day--and though her basic methods were always the same, she always encountered different challenges--and she'd been doing it for 20 years solid--5 to 8 horses a day, all day, every day of the year.

It seems to me that you have come so far so fast--it's hard for me to imagine people being ahead of you!! He looks relaxed, confident, and right where he should be.

gtyyup said...

You must be so proud that she's following in your footsteps!! She's going to make a nice hand.