Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Which would you choose?

I woke up at about 4:30 this morning. let the dogs out. It was dark...still...quiet. The past two or three days the wind and rain have been downright deafening. But nothing this morning...all was still. And I hope it remains until the neighbor gets his tractor down to play in my muck.

I'm hoping y'all didn't misunderstand my question as a request for funds. That wasn't what it was at all; I know you've got your own horses and your hands are full. Nope, I'm looking for what would make a person comfortable with any charity, really. How best to go about building trust. And, of course, whether or not someone would still consider giving if the rescue wasn't a federal non-profit (meaning donations were tax deductible.) I suppose that ought to be the final goal or folks may wonder why you're not going for it?

In any case, I've got my short list. Take a look and let me know if you think there should be things added:

Being able to visit facility
Enough room for horses; no over crowding
Follow up visits after adoption takes place
Clean, safe environment
Lack of mud (well, within reason, I suppose, depending on weather conditions?)
Financial statement
Quarterly newsletter
Public message board or some other way of open communication

Aside from this occupying my mind nearly full time these past 48 hours, I've done nothing. At least not horse-wise. The rain is just too hard. Jet is getting along with her flock, Sunny and Quiet Storm are doing well and no one is getting beat up on either side of the fence. Sure wish it were nicer out as Sunny could benefit from some consistency when it comes to being saddled up and worked. Such is life, though, eh?

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Lady Of Chaos said...

I like the bottom banner best.

As for the list. That's a pretty good one.

Christy said...

OMG that's my Henry is the bottom banner!!! Guess which I would choose now?!?

I think that's a good list also!

Tracey said...

LOL, Christy...take a close look and you'll see him there twice!

I kinda liked the bottom one, too, but both my kids liked the top one. Less cluttered, I think, and easier to read maybe?

Rising Rainbow said...

I like them both. and I think it's a good list. Would add a website either a blog with updates or a regular website.

I think in today's world most everyone expects to be able to check things out on a web. If you're not there, then you must not be reliable is the comment I've heard.

Tracey said...

So silly, but so true! Yes, people do expect you to be online.