Monday, October 8, 2007

Big Blue Ball

Parelli Fanatics, rejoice! What do we see here? Is that a flag on a stick? it isn't. It's a flag on a rake. Totally and completely different. Hahahaha!!!

There was an actual break in the rain today and I took advantage of it. I'm set on getting Sunny accustomed to things moving over her body. Things, of course, meaning me. But little steps are still a must. She used to freak out over things reaching towards her, but these days she's fine with the rake reaching out and scratching her. She doesn't give a rip about the flag portion. So I felt inclined to bring out the...


At first I bounced it around while leading her around the driveway. She wasn't fond of the noise it made nor the movement. However, she tolerated it. I bounced it up close, even brushing up against the stirrups on both sides. Tense, she was, and a couple of times she tried to fly away. But I kept at it until she stood without trying to leave town. Then I lifted the ball up into the air.

Oops. That was scary. Back to bouncing. But then up into the air again, this time setting it into the saddle. The first time she flew out from under it, so we went back to me bouncing and her following before working back up close again. Eventually, the ball went up into the saddle again, but this time I gave it a bit of a push and let if bounce over to her right side.

I was ready for her to jump, but it happened so fast that she didn't react like I'd anticipated. Which was good. She turned quickly to see where the ball had gone, and she jumped, but it wasn't huge.

The ball, hopefully, will get her accustomed to having something big up there on top of her and swinging down onto the other side. Kind of like me, eventually. Although, knowing Sunny, she'll accept the ball and still freak out over me.

Now, if you're interested in getting a custom felt horse for Christmas, let me know! I'm running two weeks out already, as they've been quite popular. $25 each.

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Rising Rainbow said...

The big blue ball must be quite a sight sitting up in the saddle. Boy, Sunny sure has turned a corner for you, I just think that is sooooooooo cool!! It'll be no time and you'll be riding her everywhere.

GardenGoose said...

the felted horses are so cute. glad they have been a hot product for you.
hope you have a good week.

photogchic said...

How big are the felted horses? I would like to order one if it can be done by Christmas.

Tracey said...

Well, if she turned a corner yesterday, she turned right back today, and kept on going on down the block! The big blue ball was less than successful and I'm afraid fear was the name of the game for the remainder of my time with her; she was back to flinching over the saddle. Oh, well...tomorrows another day, again!

The felted horses are approx 5", but some are a little less, others a little more. And yes, they can be done before Christmas. I'm backed up about two to three weeks right now, depending on how much time I get to felt. But yes, definitely enough time right now.