Monday, October 29, 2007

A Good Weekend

Do you like my new outfit?

It was a good weekend around here. No rain...well, not much. Cloudy days, but still able to work the horses.

I got a phone call from someone who'd purchased a couple of sheep from me last year. She's got Icelandic horses and had seen my article on Northwest Horse Source last month. During our conversation I told her how I'd like to find a pack saddle for Sunny to wear in order to get her accustomed to seeing something out of the corner of her right eye. I feel like it'll help her with the transition of me going from standing beside her to sitting on top of her. Nancy was thrilled to be able to tell me that she had one, complete with boxes, and that I was welcome to use it. I went over the following morning and picked up not only that, but an older bosal that she was willing to sell, a saddle pad (also selling) and borrowed a special type of pack that attaches to a western saddle. I felt like it was a major score!

Perhaps I look better in blue?

I came home and saddled Sunny up with the western saddle that she was accustomed to, then put the big blue pack on top of it. She wasn't so sure about the pack crossing over the centerline of her back, but aside from a tiny snort and half step sideways she stood very well. The pack has a hole in the front where you push the horn through. It's a small hole and as I was struggling with it I thought it was similar to giving birth to a baby's big head. Eventually it fit, and Sunny stood patiently for me while I was working on it. The back of the pack has a slit that fits over the cantle. If a horse really wanted to buck, the cantle part would pop off pretty easily and you'd be left with it hanging on only by the horn. Thankfully Sunny wasn't bothered by the thought of the pack once it was over the top of her. I put a few light weight things inside like halters and sweatshirts to make it look bigger, then let her walk around the paddock on her own.

The following day I put the real pack saddle on her back. I'd hoped to actually attach the packs, too, but found myself lacking in knowledge. She didn't mind the breeching or breast collar and stood patiently for me as my fingers fumbled to readjust the sizing. The leather was stiff from sitting for years without use and any horse would be expected to side step impatiently...especially a youngster who'd never felt such contraption on her before. But not Sunny. She stood like a rock, allowing me to cross back and forth and work the straps, not flinching when they dropped down alongside her flanks and not really bothered by it back behind her tail. As you can see from the photo at the top of the page, she was very relaxed about the whole thing.

Quiet Storm tries to help figure out how to attach the boxes.
We never did get them on the saddle.

Darling had a good weekend, too. She saddled up Quiet Storm after school on Friday and we led her down to the tree farm for a ride. Quiet Storm, however, didn't feel it was a good use of energy, just walking up a trail that didn't appear to lead to dinner or anything else exciting. She plodded along until we were about ten minutes into our walk, then planted her feet and refused to budge. She's the perfect batch for Darling as they're both on the lazy side. Darling used muscles she didn't know she had in her legs, beating the sides of that little mustang. Our ride was only about 30 minutes and ten of it was spent at a stand still. I told Darling she may want to consider selling this little horse as she was obviously too wild for a child of her inexperience to handle.
Tacking up. Note Darling's new blue helmet!

I had to re-adjust the mecate for a little more room, but it works like a charm!

I spent some time on Jet, as well, out in the yard making circles around the driveway. I really need to get her out on the trail as she's a big girl with a thirst for adventure!

If any of you are shoppers online, could I direct you to Country Supply? Their prices are good, shipping is quick (and free for orders over $49), and they'll donate 5% of your sale towards Wild Horse Rehab! I bought Darling's new helmet there, plus the new saddle pad for Jet. They're worth a look. If you shop, be sure to use our Care Code: Wildrehab.


photogchic said...

Lots of new "outfits" for the girls:-) I rode a Mustang for the first time yesterday. He was so smooth, I just loved him. Very pretty little guy named "Dakota." I put a picture of him on my blog.

Lady Of Chaos said...

I recently purchased a nice bosal for my wild things too. I just might have to look into the packs.

Good job with all the horses!

Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like it was a productive weekend. That's pretty cool.

Kathy C said...

Wow, those are some wild wild mustangs! What fun.